Zynga works together with Girls Who Code for International Women’s Day

Zynga works together with Girls Who Code for International Women’s Day

To enforce the idea behind International Women’s Day, Zynga has taken $100,000 from its Social Impact Fund to give it to Girls Who Code, a foundation that’s bringing more girls into the tech area. With this money, Girls Who Code can support girls at all points throughout their educational journey from 3rd grade into the workforce. According to Phuong Phillips, Chief Legal Officer at Zynga:

“Zynga is honored to team up with Girls Who Code to help forge a more inclusive industry in tech and games by expanding opportunities for girls and women across the globe. Through their virtual workshops, school clubs, mentorship programs, networking and more, we are hoping to build the next generation of women in STEAM to help them to prepare and thrive in the tech workforce. With an incredible group of women at Zynga already doing so much to support our studios and employees around the world, it’s important that we take positive steps to help strengthen the future of our industry for years to come.”

Zynga is doing more during March, such as giving some women a platform on Zynga’s social media as they did good things to promote inclusivity for Zynga and others. March seems to be an excellent time for this, as it’s also National Women’s History Month (USA) during the entirety of March.

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