Warhammer: Vermintide 2 – Review
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Developer: Bitsquid
Publisher: Fatshark
Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One
Tested on: PC

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 – Review

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Warhammer is a huge gaming franchise, with titles ranging from RPGs to fast paced first-person action games. The first Vermintide was a success and this opened the doors to a sequel. Again the core elements remain the same, this means that the veterans are ensured that the action is not screwed over while newer players have a field-tested base to start with.



Light versus darkness, good against evil, its war of the worlds as we know it. A never-ending battle that cannot be won, yet many things get lost in the progress. Words said by Sigmar, the war-god and eternal patron of the Cult of Sigmar, run through your head: “There can be no victory, for darkness always returns”. Skaven has conquered Ubersreik and with the civilians fleeing in terror, a group of heroes show up to get rid of these vermin. In their defeat, the Ratmen struck a pact with barbarians that habited the Chaos Wastes. Now the battle for the Reiklands is at a turning point and with the heroes captured all hope is lost, or isn’t it? Luckily our five warriors manage to escape their deathtrap and come together at the hub. This is their base of operations, greeted by the planner that will guide them to the struck places in the lands.

Step by step the heroes make their way from distant farms to the core of the city and free the many places that are under siege by evil. In general each mission is presented with a nice spoken story dialogue that ties the story together perfectly. For an action game it progresses with a great flow and if you already heard it you can easily skip the intros.



The Skaven and barbarians have a face only a mother could love, not due the bad graphics but the characters are so detailed that their grotesque appearance is actually one of the most beautiful things next to the astonishing scenery. When you look at the horizon or the deep valleys it just takes your breath away.

Overall the graphics are so powerful and life-like that you feel like this is all happening in real life. Many small details are worked out to the biggest specifications. Weapons are different and have little scars and dents to them, enemies explode and get decapitated so limbs fly everywhere and fire feels very organic.

With these heavy graphics and a lot of combat happening in front of you there was initially some frame rate problems with the Beta version, but these are all smoothed out and the full release now runs a stable 60+ FPS.

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In a constant war the best soundtrack there is, is the bashing of shields, clinging of swords and the screams of fallen enemies. Just sit back and enjoy the slaughter that happens around you, naturally the heroes will interact with the situation and will occasionally talk to each other to inform about killing spree, being hurt, missing a lot etc. The Elf is the saltiest of the bunch as she will constantly insult everyone there is and barely gives a compliment, but when this happens it is a true achievement. When in battle combat music will sweep you up to get you on edge, when it all calms down some medieval tunes play to keep the mood going.


Warhammer: Vermintide 2 is a first-person action game that looks and feels a lot like Left 4 Dead and this makes for some very interesting gameplay. Fast-paced shooting styled with a vast amount of special enemies and hordes swarming upon the team, sounds familiar right? Well it is and we don’t know if the creators have something in common but there are mixed reviews about this. The goal is to fight through hordes of enemies while completing certain tasks and manage to tell the story afterwards. It all starts in your hub where you may talk to various people that have their own business there. Change your inventory or craft new weapons from salvaging old ones.

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New equipment is awarded to the player in the form of item boxes that are acquired from completing levels and gaining XP. These range from very simple to extremely rare, by leveling up you always get a decent one that promises good items while the ones you get by completing a level are decided on performance. Did you find all the tomes, activated the grimoires and found the loot dice? Tomes are tiny books that take the healing item slot and grimoires lower your total health, both are needed to get the best rewards available. In your inventory five tabs of equipment can be found, one for melee and another for ranged weapons. Close combat weapons are there in many shapes and sizes from daggers to two-handed war hammers. Taking on troops from a distance is fun with crossbows, rifles and other artillery. To boost stats and defense there are three accessories in the form of necklaces, trinkets and rings.

If you decide what mission to take, an option is available to play solo with bots, allow others to join the fight or have some friends help you out. Step through the portal and let the carnage begin. Most of the gameplay is just fighting with Skaven troops, these come in all colors and sizes. Most of the troops go down fairly easily but there are equipped with shields and armor. Next to the foot soldiers you have the chaos warriors and the specials. Just like in Left 4 Dead these unique enemies are there to punish the group if they go astray too far. These pin the player to the ground leaving them defenseless until an ally will save them. Another tempo increaser is the horde spawner that sends a huge wave of soldiers to dispose of you. The game controls very direct and the many heroes and classes allow for different playstyles. Each hero has three classes that boast unique abilities and skill sets. Every five levels the player may choose one of three skills that fits their needs the best. When playing as a ranger it is more important to score headshots while if you are the tank it is best to able to do as much blocking as you can.

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On the field you will find a range of items to help out on the journey. Healing draughts might taste foul but it will make you feel better. The medical supplies take some time to apply, leaving moments open for enemies to attack but it’s more effective when the hero has visited the ground a few times. Various potions to increase speed and strength will make you feel like you picked up a star in Super Mario and handheld explosive devices will make quick minced meat from all those rats. Teamwork is of the essence, the chance that you will make it to the boss on your own are slim so if a partner is downed, pick them up again, patch them up or share your supplies. In the case you or an ally bites the dust it is not game over yet. In each level there are places where they keep those who have failed locked up and it is up to the player to rescue them.


Vermintide 2 is a welcome successor to the original Vermintide, with its fast action gameplay it is so much fun to hack and slash through waves of rats and barbarians. Blow those irritating special enemies to pieces with the wide arsenal of weapons you can acquire. With five heroes to choose from and three classes per character there are endless possibilities to select. Knowing that this game is only priced as a half triple A title there is nothing to keep you from getting this with a group of friends and having memorable evenings together. Or just curse at the bots for leaving you behind or something.

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Warhammer: Vermintide 2 – Review, 8.3 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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