2019’s Best Gaming Computer Hardware Components

The holiday season is the best time of year to upgrade your gaming rig because you can find lots of great deals on gaming hardware. The best hardware can be pretty taxing on your wallet, so you don’t want to miss out on the chance to save big on top-notch gaming hardware, whether it’s for your gaming rig or a gift recipient.

But that begs the question—what gaming hardware should you buy? The market is saturated with all kinds of different components. If you’re not a gamer and you’re only buying hardware for a friend or family member, then how do you even know if a certain component is more powerful than what your gamer already has?

Have no fear! Here’s the best gaming hardware of 2019.

Best Graphics Cards

A graphics card (also known as a graphics processing unit, or GPU) is often the most noticeable gaming rig upgrade. This processor is tasked with generating all your game’s visual data—a better graphics cards means better graphics.

The NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti, which is undoubtedly one of the best—if not the best—graphics card of 2019. Sure, it has a big price tag, but look at what you get: an insanely high processing speed, AI-enhanced graphics, and 11GB internal memory. But the best part is that this graphics card can handle real-time ray tracing, which is the latest and most advanced graphics technology available.

If you’re looking for the top best-value graphics card, check out the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 Super. This graphics card has a much cheaper price point than the 2080 Ti, but it has near-comparable speed and is also capable of performing real-time ray tracing. It doesn’t have the greatest performance on the market, but it has the most balanced array of features.

Best Processors

Too many gamers ignore the processor, which is just as important for gaming as the GPU. It’s the central processing unit (CPU) that feeds all the visual data to your GPU, so a fast GPU isn’t any good if you don’t also have a fast processor.

The Intel Core i909900KS is by and large the fastest and most powerful consumer processor you can buy. This processor is equipped with 8 processing cores and is capable of multi-threading—what this means is that it’s very very fast and can process a huge amount of data. If you’re going to be playing PC games with lots of visual detail, large environments, or advanced AI, you definitely need this processor in your gaming rig.

The best-value processor of 2019 is the AMD Ryzen 7 3800X. This processor also has 8 cores and is built for multi-threading, although it can’t be clocked quite as fast as the highest-tier Intel models. But you won’t find many processors at this price range that’s as fast as the Ryzen 7.

Best Gaming Rig Shell

Unless you’re into portable gaming computers, you’ll need a good shell for your tower gaming rig. One of the best shells of 2019 is the Antec GX1200. This shell comes in a slick, black design, and it’s large enough to accommodate all sorts of advanced components with ample space leftover for ventilation and future upgrades.

Best Gaming Accessories

If you’re an online or competitive eSports gamer, you need a high-quality gaming headset. With a gaming headset, you can clearly communicate with your online teammates to coordinate strategies—or to trash talk. One of the best gaming headsets in 2019 is the Sandberg Savage Headset 7.1. This headset features great audio and microphone quality and it’s easily adjustable.

Best Monitors

There are other types of hardware components you can upgrade—you can add memory sticks, switch to SSD storage, or add fans. But there’s less distinguishing characteristics between all of those components from one brand to the next. You’ve got a lot more choices when it comes to gaming monitors. It’s tough to pick out one or even two best gaming monitors because there are so many top-quality monitors with the same specs.

Gaming monitors come in a wide variety of sizes and prices, so pick out a few that fit your desktop and your budget. When trying to choose between this monitor and that monitor, look at two things: contrast ratio and refresh rate. A good gaming monitor should have a big contrast ratio (3000:1 is better than 2000:1), and it should have the highest possible refresh rate so it can match the speed of your processors.

Now that you know the best gaming hardware components of 2019, it’s time to get out there and make your upgrades while the holiday deals last.

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