5 Quick Tips To Improve At Cold War Zombies

5 Quick Tips To Improve At Cold War Zombies

At first, the new model in Cold War Zombies can be daunting to master. It involves players traversing the warzone map in pursuit of loot, kills, and completion of the various challenges that award them. Mastering such game mode is an evolving art that can be thrilling and challenging.

Whether you’re a veteran or an amateur who is just about to try their first Zombies game, there are cold war hacks to enhance your games and quick tips that can help you improve and survive endless waves of this game.

Mastering how to survive in this game is no mean feat. In this article, find 5 quick tips to improve at cold war zombies. Read on!

5 Quick Tips to Improve At Cold War Zombies

  1. Begin With A Knife And Maximize Early Point Values

Sure, a knife may not be the most powerful load-out to start your cold war on the surface. However, it’s the best weapon to begin this game with and an easy way for you to maximize your points. This enables you to buy more perks and upgrade your weapons when needed. 

In today’s Cold War Zombies, points no longer have a flat value. They vary and depend upon the type of kill and damage caused. Notably, a knife’s kill has greater damage and the ability to garner more points than most bullet weapons, especially at the beginning. Also, a knife hardly drops off easily as other load-outs. As such, it remains viable further into the game.  

  2. Use Ring Of Fire To Camp

In Cold War Zombies, camping is a legitimate strategy and a good source of leisure. If you want to camp, always use a ring of fire. Why? It allows you to shoot hordes of zombies easily and also can make your weapons look better than they are. 

Once upgraded, Ring of Fire increases your damage output while decreasing the reload times. Any zombie that dares cross the ring in pursuit of a raid is also slowed and its projectiles blocked. This makes you devastatingly powerful and able to flip through rounds more easily.

As you’ll notice, there’re specific spots on the map where the ring of fireworks best. The Penthouse beside the Wunderfizz machine is my all-time favorite spot. However, choosing this strategy can make you more vulnerable to zombies attacked when things go haywire.

  3. Get All Perks As Soon As You Can

In Cold War Zombies, perks are a very powerful tool. What’s more, you can upgrade them thus boosting up your survivability and damage output. As such, it’s advisable to get all perks early on when possible.

Every perk costs 500 more points than the former which may make it hard to load them all up to further into the game. That’s why you ought to get as much as you can early. After that, you can start saving for pack-a-punch.

  4. Perfect Your Movement and Make Zombie Trains

Good map knowledge, great movement, and cold war hacks to enhance your games are great assets in the Cold War Zombies. They’re key determinants of survivability and conventionally applicable skills.

For instance, if the map is at your fingertips you’ll probably know various zombies’ spawn points. This helps you know the number of zombies on the map at any given time thus preventing you from getting overwhelmed. Also, by being aware of zombies’ spawning points your can easily plan your movements better and launch more successful attacks.

Zombie training – a new feature from Cold War Zombies’ recent releases can give you lots of boosts to progress early into the game. Making zombie trials can get you legendary rewards and other wonder weapons like a Ray gun. Unfortunately, this needs lots of practice, and perfection can only be done through trial and error.

  5. Prioritize Armor

Amor is a new feature of Cold War Zombies and knowing how to use them gives you more survivability-the most vital part of zombies. Good usage of Amor helps in both single and co-op games and if you’re playing multiple players, it’s good to prioritize who gets the Armor. If it’s a solo game, always prioritize getting armor for yourself.

Also, you need to prioritize Armor upgrades. This makes it hard for you to go down. Armored vests repair any broken armor you might have. Therefore, it makes sense to give armor to those gamers who don’t have or those with more hits.

Parting Shot…

A promise is a debt, I just repaid mine and hopefully, the above 5 quick tips to improve at cold war zombies will provide you with the long-awaited breakthrough to success in this survival game. Last but not least, cold war hacks can’t be overlooked if you’re serious about getting ahead in this game.

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