Fun Online Games to Try With Your Friends

With the pressures of adult life pressing down around you, it can often feel impossible to break away and spend some time just relaxing with your friends. Fortunately, the internet is a wonderful thing, and through it, you can quickly connect to people you otherwise couldn’t reach. This availability allows you to spend your free moments with those most important to you, which is incredibly important. This guide aims to highlight some of the best online games that allow you to connect to your friends and spend some downtime together.


For all you PC gamers out there, this game probably isn’t a new name. In fact, those of you who game on console and even on your phones are probably familiar with this ubiquitous entry, given that it was played by 126 million people monthly in 2020. However, whether or not you’ve heard of Minecraft, it certainly deserves an entry on this list.

Minecraft is the prime example of the survival-crafting game archetype, a perfect game type that is ideal for multiplayer experiences, and while there are a number of games that employ this mechanic almost as well as Minecraft does, none of them come close to the level of popularity Minecraft enjoys. So, boot up a server, call your friends up, and get stuck into the blocky survival landscape of Minecraft. Oh, and watch out for creepers!

Monster Hunter Rise

If you’d rather a gaming experience that you can carry around with you, then you need to look no further than the wonderful line-up offered by the Nintendo Switch. In particular, the fresh-off-the-press Monster Hunter Rise is a wonderful option for gaming with your friends.

The most recent entry in the Monster Hunter series, Rise, has found incredible success in spite of its exclusivity deal with Nintendo, shipping over 4 million units worldwide. Already majorly popular, the remarkable game revolves around, well, hunting monsters. Sporting a well-optimized multiplayer system that allows for both local and online connection of switch systems, the game is a wonderful experience to share with friends. The light show of standout graphical effects makes the experience one to remember, and who doesn’t enjoy getting together with some friends to hunt an enormous beast terrorizing a nearby village. Just be careful not to get hit too hard, or you might fail that hunt.

Online Casinos

So far, this article has discussed online games that allow you and your friends to work together towards a common goal, but if you and your buddies are more inclined towards a competitive experience, then you’d probably enjoy the kind of experiences on offer at Jackpotcity Casino.

From card games to the roulette wheel, Jackpotcity offers all the experiences essential to those amazing casino trips. The online setting lets you and the gang get together at a casino trip like no other, without having to spend months planning and lining up schedules only to have something come up at the last minute and ruin everything. So get everyone together and pull up a seat; it’s time to play.

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