5 Smart Game Room Ideas for a Small Condo Space

5 Smart Game Room Ideas for a Small Condo Space

Are you living in a small condo? Do you find yourself wanting to create a game room or hangout space for your friends and/or family? Here are 5 great, cheap, and original ideas for your own game room ideal for small spaces.

Think outside the box

A little creativity and resourcefulness goes a long way when it comes to decorating small homes. Always think of multipurpose items when it comes to condo decor. The gaming area is no different. What kinds of furniture can you use that can do double duty as something else? Ottomans that can be table, seating, AND storage? Sign me up. An ultra-wide TV that can show movies and connects to your PC so you can enjoy League of Legends while waiting for the release of Ruined King? Yes, please.

Have enough space for everyone by adding a bar area

Adding a bar area is always a good idea for small spaces because it takes up such a small amount of space for all the seating you can give. When entertaining in a small space, the last thing you want is to make guests stand up for hours. Having a small bar area makes everyone more comfortable without making it feel more cramped. Opt for bar stools with thin or light-colored legs so that it won’t take up as much visual clutter.

Go for space-saving games

Some games take up more space than others. Getting a pool table for your tiny studio apartment just won’t do. On the other hand, a video game console or a gaming PC that can house hundreds of games can provide hours of fun with less space. If you’re so inclined, you can consider table top versions of your favorite games, like a mini pool set. As an added plus, it becomes a conversation piece to your home.

Use gaming equipment as decor

If you have gaming equipment like board games, sports equipment, controllers you can think of using these things as decor pieces. It makes the space more interesting plus you won’t need to worry about stashing everything away once you’re done. Another good thing about this is you also give yourself more space inside your drawers, to store the less pretty items out of sight. 

Make it multi-purpose

You don’t have to use the game room only for games — maybe your game rom can do double duty as a library, a study, or even a family room. That way the space gets used as often as possible and it becomes the ultimate hang out spot in your home. The more space you can utilize to serve multiple uses, the more it gets optimized. 

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