What’s New in League of Legends: Ruined King – When it is set to release?

What’s New in League of Legends: Ruined King – When it is set to release?

Everyone loves to play MOBA games doesn’t matter whether it’s LoL (League of Legends), Dota 2 or anything else. Many other familiar titles are also covering a huge fan base gradually, making them addict, and forcing them to be the best with the best statistics. Till now, different versions of League of Legends have been released, and a few are under construction.

Therefore, this time, people are excited to know what the new title will have to reveal. Like, it may be new characters, scenes, and many other items, including weapons, gears, and more. Before starting the discussion, let me introduce you to a gaming marketplace where you can buy League of Legends Account if you intend to experience the modern gameplay with all unlocked features and stuff everyone with a basic account wishes to have.


Although the release date of Ruined King – A League of Legends Story hasn’t been released yet, the trailer was released revealing lots of amazing content. The developer has planned to release the game for all major platforms, including gaming consoles like PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, and more. The available heroes are the following:

  • Ahri
  • Pyke
  • Illaoi
  • Miss Fortune
  • Yasuo
  • Braum
  • And more.

After choosing the favorite avatar, you are supposed to raise your hands against ruin. Before jumping into the game, you need to unite a party of League of Legends Champions and embark on a journey to navigate Bilgewater; meanwhile, setting sail for the Dark Shadow of Isles to reveal the mysteries of the Black Mist. Two new types of regions are confirmed to introduce in the game, such as Shadow Isles and Bilgewater.

A Beautiful Mix of Turn-based Combat and Role-playing Genres

Moreover, the game intends to introduce a fusion of RPG and Turn-based Combat, unlike the origin of LoL which is a pure MOBA game. The setting is fantasy-based and all characters are cartoonish that keep you engaged for endless hours of fun. Embark on a journey to unfold an epic storyline, complete challenging quests, while fighting against monsters and their minions as well as bosses on turn-based battles. You may have an opportunity to decide the characters to add to your team and jump into the battle.

The Single-player Gameplay

Unlike the original title, the game will release with only a Single-player mode where the player battles along with AI-controlled characters against opposing teams of monsters and beasts. The game unlocks further characters as the player learns how to play the game and completes the milestones of each quest.

Moreover, Ruined King is created by Airship Syndicate, featuring a unique and brand-new art-style of Legendary Comic book of the same name. The game invites you to navigate the beautiful universe of League of Legends to experience the engaging turn-based RPG gameplay. You have full freedom to configure the party and control a group of League of Legends champions while navigating the land to become the master. Now, while waiting for it you may shop around for discounted game keys of games you’ve always wanted to try out, but maybe were held back by early launch issues or a hefty price tag.

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