Acer announces game-changing monitors: R1 Series, H7 Series and XR Series

Acer announces game-changing monitors: R1 Series, H7 Series and XR Series

Today Acer has announced the latest additions to its already infamous monitor lineup. The R1 Series, H7 Series and XR Series will be joining the premium ranks of gaming monitors with high-end performance and stunning yet sleek designs.

The Acer R1 Series are the world’s thinnest monitors with a thickness of under 7mm, making it an ideal monitor for small spaces while offering a minimalistic design with its ZeroFrame design which maximizes the view while also keeping the visual clutter to a low degree. The ultra-thin bezel is also perfect for multi-monitor setups. The R1 Series comes with green credentials thanks to its EcoDisplay and ENEGERY STAR 6.0 certification. Boasting a Full HD 1080p resolution, the R1 Series will be available in 21.5, 23, 23.8, 25 and 27 inch screen sizes.

The world’s first USB Type-C monitor title belongs to the Acer H7 Series. Boasting a WQHD display resolution of 2560 pixels by 1440 pixels, the H7 Series features sRGB colors to the maximum. The series will be available in 25 and 27 inch screen sizes.


With an UltraWide QHD display resolution of 3440 pixels by 1440 pixels, the XR342CK monitor supports sRGB colors to the maximum just like it’s smaller brother, delivering stunning visuals. With a price tag starting at €1099 in EMEA, the XR342CK is a though choice but it’s 34 inch screen size with a 1900R curvature should help you choose a monitor perfect for your gaming purposes.

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