Amoras #5 Wiske – Comic Book Review
Follow Genre: Adventure
Written by: Marc Legendre
Animations: Charel Cambré
Publisher: Standaard Uitgeverij

Amoras #5 Wiske – Comic Book Review

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It’s been a while since we last visited the island of Amoras, where Suske, Wiske and Lambik ended up in the future, in a world that is pretty much falling apart. Amoras is the base of operations of Krimson, the evil scientist who wants to mold the world to his image, but even he is encountering some unforeseen conditions and Suske, Wiske & company might just be a severe hiccup ruining his master plan. Let’s travel back to the future, in this last-but-one issue of Amoras, dedicated to Wiske. Be warned: Some comic book characters were hurt in the making of this review, thus tread carefully, fellow time travelers.

Note: Keep in mind that this short review may contain spoilers if you haven’t read the first four issues of the Amoras series.


Things are quite turbulent in both the present as well as the future, as Wiske teamed up with Jérusalem, after the latter accused Lambik of sexual harassment. Suske has been abducted by a mysterious mercenary and Lambik has to fend for himself on the barren island. In the present, Barabas and Sidonia are teaming up to get Suske and Wiske back to this day and age, whilst they don’t know where Jerom and Lambik are. Things are getting hectic and the fifth issue promises to light a lot of fireworks throughout the volume.

It was already clear from the previous issues that there’s more to Jérusalem than meets the eye and that she is no stranger to violence and killing those who stand in her way. Due to this, Wiske starts doubting her choice of ditching Lambik and believing Jérusalem’s word over his. Nonetheless, after being ambushed and seeing what Jérusalem is capable of, she still presses on, hoping to dispose of Krimson herself. Wiske has no clue of what happened to Suske and thanks to Jérusalem, she believes he is dead. Even though Wiske is not one to take to violence, her newfound hatred is fueled by the supposed loss of her best friend and perhaps even her soulmate.


On the other side of the island there’s Lambik who is trying to find a solution to get home and prove he is the sluggish good guy he has always been. Sadly, before he is able to take action, he is ambushed by the Fatties and is dragged out to one of their hideouts. An odd pattern is evolving as Suske is also locked up somewhere, by Achiel, Krimson’s butler, who has more up his sleeve than one would suspect.

All of these elements (and more) mark the beginning of an epic ending in the Amoras saga. As the story progresses in a rapid motion, things are getting quite hectic. This means you’ll be treated to loads of action with graphic battles and explosions which even Michael Bay could learn from. Overall the story keeps getting better and better, which gives you the feeling (and hope) that the end of this Suske and Wiske revival will be grand.

It’s fun to see Wiske getting more ‘screen time’ in this issue, as she was screaming for more attention over the last few issues. It’s clear that Wiske has become a fine young woman who has left her puppet far behind. She has grown into a strong woman, who is not afraid to take action and especially not one to withdraw when things get rough. This volume is a great tribute to a young girl who just stepped into adulthood, albeit under conditions that leave a lot to be desired.


Illustrations are still a mix of the classic Belgian comic books with a lot of American comic influences. Truth be told, this style is simply amazing and it brings out the grittiness of a doomed world so much more. Suske and Wiske are still ‘rocking’ their adult form and by now you’ll already be accustomed to picturing them this way if they would actually age beyond their initial adventures. The different panel sizes add another layer to the story and it shows that this series is truly a great homage to Willy Vandersteen’s characters.


Amoras #5 Wiske is a great introduction to the end of a great series. It even makes us a bit sad to think that only one issue remains. Great illustrations, an enticing storyline and a great lineup of characters back it all up. It’s easy to say this buildup towards the end will make you scream for more.


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Rating: 9.9/10 (8 votes cast)
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Amoras #5 Wiske - Comic Book Review, 9.9 out of 10 based on 8 ratings

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