Antec Mobile Products LifeBar 10 – Hardware Review
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Developer: Antec
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Antec Mobile Products LifeBar 10 – Hardware Review

Good: Sufficient power, Classy design, Two USB ports
Bad: Nothing worth mentioning
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Some time ago we presented you with two fun portable battery chargers of the Antec Mobile Products lineup. The PowerUp Slim 2200 proved to be useful with its two USB ports, as well as its slim design. On the other hand we had the PowerUp 6200, which provided the user with more raw power, but less practical functions. What if Antec decided to bring you the best of both worlds? Today we have the opportunity to present you with our opinion of the LifeBar 10, the strongest in the LifeBar product line.



Overall, the design is roughly the same as the PowerUp Slim 2200, when it comes to the shape of the device. The LifeBar is a slim, flat rectangular powerbank, with a simple look. The color of the device is metallic grey, except for the two white sides.

There aren’t that many noticeable traits except for the subtle LifeBar and A.M.P. logos. There are small LED lights on one side, for when the device is turned on. Simple, but still classy enough to look reasonably good.


As for comfort, there is not that much to say. The device has one button, to turn it on or off. Other than the single button, there are a few LED lights that show how much battery life the powerbank has left and a LED light to show if the device is charging.

The LifeBar 10 proves to be a tad heavier, with its 250 grams, than the other two earlier discussed power banks, but it’s still fairly light to bring along.



  • 10000 mAh
  • 173 mm x 71,5 mm x 13 mm
  • Handy display of remaining batter life
  • 2 USB Ports


With its power supply of 10000 mAh, the LifeBar 10 proves to be even more powerful than the PowerUp 6200, thus allowing you to charge up your smartphone roughly four times, depending on the model you’re using of course. That being said, the device is not limited to smartphones alone, but also charges cameras, mp3 devices, etc.

Just like the other A.M.P. powerbanks, it’s a simple matter of charging up the device with a USB to Micro-USB cable. After a few hours of charging, you’re good to go and you’ll have sufficient power to charge several other devices. The fun part is the fact that the device has two USB ports, which allows you to charge two devices at the same time. With the raw power of the device, it should be an easy task to charge two smartphones and still have sufficient remaining battery life to charge up another two items.

The LifeBar 10 has a decent amount of practicalities that will surely come in handy. If you happen to accidently press the power button, the device will turn itself off in a matter of seconds, thus conserving its battery lifespan. The same will happen if the device you’re charging with the LifeBar 10 is completely recharged. Once again the device will turn itself off, conserving power for its next ‘job’.




Another useful function of the Antec’s powerbank is the LED lights that indicate the remaining battery life. You will have a small LED light for 25, 50, 75 and 100% battery life. Perhaps this might be seen as a simple feature, but it’s certainly a well appreciated one.

The device itself will also turn off all of its lights, when charging another device. This also saves extra power, thus stretching its power supply once again.


It is clear that Antec did its best to present the end user with a powerful powerbank, that does not waste too much power on its own. The fact that the device trims on fancy LED lights that stay turned on during the charging process(es) makes sure that your powerbank will provide you the maximum amount of energy it possibly can. If you’re looking for a decent powerbank, for a brand that knows what they’re doing, the LifeBar 10 is certainly worth checking out.

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Rating: 9.5/10 (12 votes cast)
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Antec Mobile Products LifeBar 10 - Hardware Review, 9.5 out of 10 based on 12 ratings

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