Antec Mobile Products SP1 – Hardware Review
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Developer: Antec
Publisher: Antec
Platform: Bluetooth

Antec Mobile Products SP1 – Hardware Review

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After our review of Antec’s SPzero it was only natural that we’d introduce you to its bigger brother as well. Today we’re able to present you with the Antec Mobile Products SP1, another Bluetooth speaker that is not only bigger in size (wink wink, nudge nudge) but also packs a bigger punch.



Design wise the SP1 proves to be a bit more ‘simple’ than the SPzero. You’ll be treated to a simple beam-shaped piece of hardware. There aren’t that many extras, as for its overall features except for the gridded design on the front and the back of the speaker. Just like the SPzero, the grids are not completely symmetrical, which creates a fun and original touch.

We were able to test the white and ‘hot’ pink design, which again proves to be a successful combination. Again there are more daring combinations to choose from in order to find the right one that suits your style or that simply matches your interior.

That being said, the simple design will suit your interior easily and might even look good in your living room.


Just like the SPzero, the SP1 has three buttons on top of the device. These are integrated in the design but still very noticeable and accessible. You’ll also find an on/off switch, an Aux port and a mini-USB port.

Both have a metallic design, whilst the rest of the device is covered with a soft rubberlike padding. This padding makes the device a tad more ‘soft’ when handling the device and the same goes for the three buttons on top. The white one, that we tested, seems to attract quite a bit of dust. This means some upkeep might be required tokeep it clean.



  • 40 x 23 x 15 mm
  • 38 kg
  • 10 meters communication range
  • 10 hrs playback time
  • Li-lon battery 3.7V
  • Built-in microphone


The overall size of the device is a tad bigger than the other Bluetooth speakers that have appeared on the site, except for the Butterfly speaker. This means the device is still very portable, subtle and will not clutter your vision at any given time.

Weighing roughly 380g the SP1 the device remains highly mobile and light to bring along on all of your travels.

Just like the SPzero, the SP1 has three main buttons but unlike the SPzero, you’ll have an easier on/off switch. The on/off switch is also the indicator to see if your device is in pairing mode or not. If the LED light beneath the on/off switch keeps flashing your device is immediately in pairing mode (in which it should be automatically).

The three buttons consist out of volume controls and a MFB (multifunctional button). The MFB is again needed to pick up or end calls and set the device in pairing mode. To enter the pairing mode, if the device does not do it automatically at your first startup, you’ll have to press the MFB for roughly six seconds. Accepting calls is simply pressing the MFB for a very short time.


As mentioned above, you’ll be able to place your calls or Skype conversations with the SP1. You’ll be able to hear your counterparts quite clearly as well as be heard clearly on the other side. You don’t have to sit too closely to the device to still be heard properly on the other side of the connection.

Listening to music is again comparable with the SPzero. At first you’ll have to mess around a bit with finding the right equalizer on your smartphone or other Bluetooth device in order to find the right settings. After that it’s smooth sailing all the way.

The SP1 has enough power to fill a room with your favorite music. You’ll easily be able to walk away 10m from the device itself and if you don’t have more than two walls between you and the device, you should experience not that many problems, except for an occasional hiccup.

You’ll have to charge the device with the mini-USB cable that is enclosed with the device. This means you’ll have to use your pc or a wall plug (USB) in order to charge your device. Overall the battery lasts between nine and eleven hours and thus you’ll be able to listen to your favorite tunes for quite some time.

An extra cable is fitted in order to connect the device to non-Bluetooth devices. A small extra in case you wish to connect the device to some older music devices.

Sadly, just like the SPzero, the SP1 lacks skip buttons, which could have made music listening a tad more comfortable. Whilst this should not be the main feature of the device, it would still be a very appreciated one.



Antec’s SP1 proves to be a great addition if you’re looking for a Bluetooth speaker. The price might be a bit higher than for example the SPzero but overall it’s a great idea to check out this speaker, in case you’re looking for a stylish and practical device.

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Antec Mobile Products SP1 - Hardware Review, 7.9 out of 10 based on 8 ratings

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