Ark/8 X Destiny Collab


Popular European fashion brand ARK/8 known for their high-end clothing, accessories and jewelry based on cyber-culture and the world of video games, is happy to announce the launch of their latest capsule collection in the UK and US: The Destiny Europe collection.

Together with the acclaimed developer and publisher Bungie, the partnership is established around the launch of the new Destiny 2’s latest expansion, Beyond Light. This collection combines the futuristic style of Destiny with contemporary streetwear, jackets, bags, and more.


Founded in 2020 in Brussels, ARK/8 is a clothing, accessories & jewellery brand that brings together fashion and video games into premium and limited collections, that are in collaboration with iconic artists and video games such as Koyorin, Destiny 2, Resident Evil, Overwatch, Borderlands, and Mass Effect. Today, the brand asserts itself with a strong creative direction, infusing its collaborations with cyber and retro-futuristic culture.


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