Bare Butt Boxing releases in Early Access today

Bare Butt Boxing releases in Early Access today

Take off your clothes and let’s get ready to rumble as Bare Butt Boxing from Tuatara Games hits Steam Early Access. In Bare Butt Boxing you choose one of six funky aliens and try to pummel your opponent to death in a mischievous and mayhem-rich multiplayer brawler. Froggy, Skelly, Tallbot, Maurice, Wireboy and Fishy are attracted to Earth and want to duke it out around the globe. Trick out your favorite fighter with a range of customizable options such as eccentric titles, colorful skins and outlandish glove designs that can be bought with currency earned from matches.

Your ultimate goal is to rise as the extraterrestrial heavyweight champion and to become this you must send your foes across the map to come out on top. Either take the tactical approach and sabotage your foes with a nicely placed flower pot or go full psycho with a range of powerful attacks. The game is heavily focused on melee mechanics and hilarious ragdoll physics combined with a groovy soundtrack and vibrantly scenic environments.

Bare Butt Boxing is now out on PC through Steam Early Access and will later be ported to the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Switch when it comes out.

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