Peppa Pig: Sterren (Stars) (DVD) – Series Review
Follow Genre: Animation
Distributor: eOne
Episodes: 10
Duration: 5 minutes (per episode)

Peppa Pig: Sterren (Stars) (DVD) – Series Review

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Good: Flashy colors, Short duration will make it easier for children to pay attention
Bad: Peppa is sometimes a bit spoiled
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It’s been quite some time since Piglet stole the spotlight in Winnie the Pooh, which is still a classic for many older fans, but now it seems it’s Peppa Pig’s time to shine, albeit for a very young audience. The cute little pig goes on adventures with her friends and family, but foremost we get to learn about the stars in this release. While for adults this series might not be that captivating, for children it’s actually quite oinkredible.

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Truth be told, not that much has changed compared to our original reviews of De Luchtballon and Bubbels, as the series doesn’t truly have a real storyline. Just like the previous releases, you’ll get treated to ten episodes which all last around five minutes, and each handling a small life lesson, presenting you with a song or just showing you a cute adventure of the little Peppa. Everything is just about friendship, exploring the world and slowly growing up in a world filled with different animals.

It’s easy to see why the series is appealing for little children, as the characters are extremely colorful and cheerful and it seems nothing bad ever happens in the world surrounding Peppa Pig. Of course, it doesn’t mean that Peppa and her friends can’t feel scared or gloomy, but her parents, grandparents or teacher will always have a great solution for them, especially very educational ones. The eagerness of Peppa and her little brother is quite contagious as you simply know they will get a proper lesson from their older peers.

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It has to be said that it’s actually quite sad the original English voices aren’t implemented in our Dutch DVD release, as it would have been great to let the children see the short English episodes as well. While we know that Dora is a great option for something like this, it would have been a nice extra, as children tend to pick up a lot from episodes they already saw a hundred times in their native language. When you switch it to the English version afterwards, it’s easy for children to link certain words with the version in their own language.


Peppa Pig: Sterren is a great addition to the Peppa Pig collection of one of your children (or perhaps your own guilty pleasure). This release will learn new words to your children, as well as teach them about friendship not always being picture perfect or that the stars are actually very far away. This release will surely keep your children entertained for a bit, seeing the small episodes are ideal to reward your children with.

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Peppa Pig: Sterren (Stars) (DVD) - Series Review, 7.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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