Peppa Pig: De Luchtballon (DVD) – Series Review
Follow Genre: Animation
Director: Mark Baker, Neville Astley
Distributor: eOne
Duration: 5 minutes (per episode)

Peppa Pig: De Luchtballon (DVD) – Series Review

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Peppa Pig and her brother George are always in for a bit of fun. Whether it be a visit to Rebecca Rabbit, a train ride in grandpa’s little train or ice skating, there is always something amusing to be done. ‘De luchtballon’ and other stories contains ten stories about Peppa and her family and friends, exploring new things each time.

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This new release follows the same structure as the episodes of Peppa Pig: Bubbles, which we already reviewed some time ago. The episodes don’t only tell a story, they also try to teach children something.

Peppa is a piglet, and George’s big sister. She lives with Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig in a house on top of the hill. She has many friends, who are all different animals, such as Freddie Fox, Suzy Sheep, Danny Dog and Pedro Pony. In the course of these ten episodes they experience many new things, together with the viewers. It seems like there’s just a story being told, but in fact children will be able to learn certain things as well, such as different techniques of painting, how ice skating works, or how air balloons can go up in the air.

Some silly features do add to the overall feeling of the series. Viewers will definitely be entertained when Peppa and her friends start to sing songs, or see George’s ice skating skills. When something is funny, they all immediately fall on the floor, which can only make you laugh.


The episodes of Peppa Pig always have a narrator, who tells you what Peppa and her friends will be up to for the next five minutes and comments on certain things throughout the course of an episode. This is quite typical for a children’s show like this, but it’s nonetheless a nice addition.

Although at times it is pleasant to see how Peppa acts as George’s big sister, and how George really looks up to her, it is often rather annoying that Peppa is quite the bossy type. She never wants to admit that she’s not the best, or that she’s wrong, and often talks about ‘me’. That’s a bit sad, considering this is not so educational compared to the stories themselves.

The animations are quite simple, but nonetheless original. The lines are always a few shades darker than the coloring, making the overall look rather fresh and new. Sometimes though, you have to know which kind of animal is on the screen, before recognizing it.



This new DVD release of Peppa Pig will entertain many a toddler for a while. The stories are all very different and interesting, while subtly teaching them something at the same time. Peppa sometimes thinks too much about herself but hey, she has to learn too. If you’re looking for something fun and amusing for your little one, without a total lack of content, then this might be worth considering.

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Peppa Pig: De Luchtballon (DVD) - Series Review, 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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