BenQ announces all-in-one screen

BenQ announces all-in-one screen

Today, with the Corona-Crisis in mind, BenQ, producer of digital display- and projection technology has announced its newest display that functions as a display, whiteboard, and videoconference screen in one called the DuoBoard CP8601K.

The BenQ DuoBoard CP8601K has and UHD-resolution of 4K with an impressive screen diagonal of 86 inch. This new screen is provided with a variety of functions that makes exchanging digital information very easy and provides easy cooperation between co-workers. As the name implies, it can easily be connected with a second DuoBoard for an even bigger screen for a bigger cohesive workspace.

DuoWindows provides the screen with the capability to run to applications at the same time, which makes it easy to multitask on one screen. It also has DuoOs, which let it run on two different operating systems at the same time. Duo User makes it possible to let two users work together at the same time on the same screen.  The cloud-based whiteboard solution EZWrite lets people take part in meetings wherever they are and show their ideas on the same screen. The built-in BenQ Launcher lets users join in on meetings with one press of a button. The DuoBoard also features a Full-HD camera and a set of microphones that suppress noise and echo, which makes it an ideal way of communication in business meetings.

The DuoBoard will be available for purchase from May 2020 and will have two variants, the CP8601K, an 86 inch model, and the CP6501K which is a smaller, 65-inch variant.

More info on BenQ’s business display solutions can be found by clicking here.

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