Booq Python Mirrorless – Accessory Review
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Booq Python Mirrorless – Accessory Review

Good: Original concept to create extra compartments, Looks great
Bad: Nothing really
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In the past accessory reviews we have presented you with many options to protect your laptops, tablets and other gadgets. To keep it fresh, we feel the need to show you our opinion about a comparable accessory that is able to protect your camera, seeing for most this is another prized possession. We hereby present you our opinion of Booq’s Python Mirrorless.

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As far as the appearance of the Python Mirrorless goes, it can be described quite simple: “a fanny pack that actually looks great”. Whilst this description may not do the product justice, it’s is still quite true. The (small) bag has the shape of a sturdy fanny pack, whilst it’s still worn like a shoulder bag, instead of around the waist.

You’ll notice Booq’s typical classy design that suits every occasion, be it formal or casual. Whilst the bag has a decent amount of compartments, the overall appearance does not have that many extra clutter. The curved design of the top lid (that runs through on the entire bag) and the classy logo are pretty much the cherry on the cake.

Even for such a compact bag, the Python Mirrorless still offers a decent amount of space, as well as different compartments.


  • On the top of the bag, you will find one small zipper closed compartment. This compartment can only hold a smartphone, a really small notepad or another small goodie.
  • When opening the top lid, which is also zipper closed, you’ll end up opening the main compartment of the bag. This compartment is divided in several areas, which you can actually arrange yourself. The back of the compartment has a pocket in which you can place an iPad Mini or a small notepad. The biggest area of the main compartment will be delivered with two pads, that have Velcro strips on them. These two pads can be used to create an extra protective pocket for your camera. If you decide to leave your camera at home, you can easily remove both pads, in order to create a bigger compartment.
  • On the backside of the bad, behind the handle, you’ll find another pocket the size of an iPad Mini or some documents you wish to bring along on your picturesque adventures.
  • Last but not least, both sides will also offer you a zipper closed pocket. These pockets can be used to store small items, such as business cards, keys, or other smaller memorabilia.

Overall everything in the bag is easily reachable and the smaller compartments are useful for keeping clutter away from your prized camera, in order to prevent damage to it. The two extra pads, prove to be useful as an extra protection, as well a great way to divide the main compartment.

Comfort wise, the bag proves to be quite ‘normal’. Seeing it will serve as a shoulder bag, it will never cause any discomfort, thanks to its size. Other than that, there are no real extra comfort features.

When it comes to the materials used, it’s very important that no water is able to get through the surface of the bag, especially when you want to keep your camera safe. Luckily the bag is coated with water-repellant coating. Combine this with the ballistic nylon exterior and you’ll have yourself a sturdy little bag.

As usual Booq provides the consumer with their ‘Terralinq’ feature, where you can register your bag. When doing so, if your bag gets lost, an honest finder can look it up and return it to you, if he desires to do so.


Booq’s Python Mirrorless bag offers design and a decent amount of storage, which makes this a bag that is easy to use for short trips. The material, as well as the extra padding on the inside makes sure your camera stays safe. If you tend to go to a lot of conventions or other events, it might be worth looking into this bag.

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Booq Python Mirrorless - Accessory Review, 9.1 out of 10 based on 8 ratings

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