Cardfight!! Vanguard Booster Pack 13: Flight of Chakrabarthi

We’re always quite excited when a new Cardfight!! Vanguard set (or products) hits the stores, as we are often able to update our decks or try out new ridelines. A lot of the main sets include cards that make older decks stronger but also new Vanguards to make interesting new decks. While not every deck starts out as competitive as the other, Bushiroad dedicates itself to supporting older decks, giving them a competitive edge when needed. Booster Pack 13: Flight of Chakrabarthi is one of those sets that focuses a lot on giving a power-up for older decks.

Let’s start off with the new vanguard for Booster Pack 13, namely Sword That Connects Heaven and Earth, Alden. Alden is a new addition to the Keter Sanctuary lineup that focuses on draw power and flooding the field with Rear-Guards. The overall mechanics of this deck are great for new players and veterans alike, and it’s simply a fun way of increasing your hand size after being able to bombard your opponent with a few strong attacks. Alden is also the only new rideline for the set, which means the rest focuses on supporting older decks.

Flight of Chakrabarthi provides support for interesting Vanguards such as Blitz CEO, Welstra, Drajeweled, Lianorn, Griphogila, Avantgarda, and Youthberk. This new support allows for new deck builds that ensure stronger attacks, additional effects, better draw power, or even the option to operate products. The fun part about this support is that is doesn’t necessarily replace your older builds, and it gives you additional options in terms of deck-building or simply supplementing your existing deck with a few new cards.

Last, but not least, it’s clear that Bushiroad is gearing up for the release of the last two Stride Decksets. In Booster Pack 13, you’ll find several cards that have abilities that unlock when revealing a Grade 4 card from hand. Their second ability revolves around discarding the card itself during the ride phase (to Grade 3) or as the cost for Stride, to then draw an additional card. This makes these cards great as multi-purpose cards both in regular decks as well as Stride decks.

Even though Flight of Chakrabarthi could be somewhat deemed a support set, it creates a lot of new possibilities for older decks to allow for new builds or to power up some decks that were losing their competitive edge. As it stands now, Bushiroad is going to spice things up in the near future with new mechanics and a lot of new sidelines and support cards. We can’t wait.

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