Civilization VI: Rise and Fall – Another famous leader for India!

Civilization VI: Rise and Fall – Another famous leader for India!

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI: Rise and Fall is getting an additional leader for India namely: Chandragupta. He was a master strategist, honored student, and respected diplomat. Chandragupta Maurya was known as a clever and charismatic man which earned him the right to study under the great Chanakya. Thanks to his mentor Chanakya who was a legendary politician and philosopher, Chandragupta received a crash course in politics, the art and military tactics.

Chandragupta was truly worthy as a student of his mentor. He fulfilled his mentors plan for him by overthrowing the Nanda dynasty and becoming the ruler of the kingdom of Magadha. This also established the Mauryan dynasty. Afterwards, he even succeeded in pushing the boundaries of his kingdom. Chandragupta was a man who cared for his people, he did this by building roads, irrigation systems and by expanding trade routes.

In the end, he gave up literally everything, his throne, kingdom, riches, and food, to go on a pilgrimage where he meditated until his death. This made him achieve his ultimate goal of spiritual purity. His son was given the throne by him before he left. Every successor after Chandragupta followed the example of Chandragupta and this made The Mauryan Empire last another century.

In Civilization VI: Rise and Fall Chandragupta will have a unique leader ability called: Arthashastra. It is often translated as “the science of politics” but it means something even more expansive. Not only is it a base on how to conduct statecraft but also economic policy and military strategy. As a player, you can take advantage of these lessons as you declare a War of Territorial Expansion and gain Movement and Combat Strength bonuses as you march into battle.

Chandragupta will be one of 8 other new leaders coming with the expansion of Civilization VI: Rise and Fall on February 8, 2018.





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