Cmoar Virtual Reality Headset Kickstarter nearly to a close

Cmoar Virtual Reality Headset Kickstarter nearly to a close

The Kickstarter campaign of the Cmoar Virtual Reality Headset with integrated electronics has nearly come to its end. By looking at the already pledged funding, the project is successful.

Now what exactly is the Cmoar VR Headset?

Unlike other VR headsets, the Cmoar headset uses your smartphone as a display, supporting users of smartphones of 4″ screens up to 5.7″ screens. However, the goggles are not simply a plastic casing for your smartphone. It’s an advanced device that has integrated electronics and high-quality optics that allow the users of the headset to experience VR to its fullest. You could say that the Cmoar VR Headset is much like Oculus Rift, except it isn’t. It has the same results but it’s still different in many ways. Of course, using your smartphone in such a way will drain its power pretty fast. The Cmoar VR headset comes with a USB plug which allows you to charge your battery whilst using the headset – there’s no need to spoil your fun.

At Cmoar LTD they understood that not everyone has the same taste when it comes down to what they like to do with their time. For this reason, the developers has not focused purely on Virtual Reality. Instead of one headset, Cmoar consists of three headsets, each with their own distinctive purpose, specifications and effects.

Cmoar VR headsets

The Cmoar VR Headset has many other great features other than the ones we mentioned above, so let’s have a quick run-down on all of them:

  • Three headsets: Because everyone enjoys different things, the Cmoar comes with three different headsets: Virtual Reality, 2D High Quality and 3D High Quality.
  • Enormous field-of-view: The VR model is equipped with 48mm lenses allowing field of view of 105°.
  • Integrated controls: You can easily control your smartphone without having to take it out once again thanks to the integrated buttons.
  • A headset for everyone: Cmoar is compatible with over 150 models of smartphones such as Apple, HTC, LG, Samsung and Huawei. It is also compatible with some lesser known brands such as Kazam, BLU, Sky and Coolpad.
  • Complete isolation: The goggles are designed in such a way that it isolates any incoming light completely. This allows the user to enjoy whatever it is they are doing without any distractions except for your mother yelling at you.
  • Comfort and hygiene system: Headsets are known for being terrible to clean but the Cmoar headsets uses sponges that are fastened by Velcro. This allows the user to quickly change them and wash them whenever it is needed or wanted.
  • Adjustable sharpness: Thanks to the sharpness regulation of the headset, everyone will be able to enjoy the headset, including those with eyesight that is not optimal. The 2D HQ and 3D HQ headsets are also adjustable for people with prescription glasses.
  • PC and console streaming: Besides being able to play mobile apps and games, you can also play your favorite games straight from your PC and console with almost zero latency thanks to the streaming applications of Cmoar.

But hey, we don’t want to spoil it all for you. Simply go to their kickstarter campaign page and read more about the Cmoar headsets or head over to their website.

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