Contest: Profound Apparel Revival T-shirt

Contest: Profound Apparel Revival T-shirt

After making sure one of our readers is now looking absolutely dashing after getting his Moon Boi T-Shirt, we have another interesting contest for you right here. This time we are giving away one of Profound Apparel’s badass Revival T’s. Those who want to learn more about this spiffy-looking brand, be sure to check out their official website to see what they have one offer. But, for now, we are going to keep things simple for the Revival T-shirt, which can be gazed upon by clicking here. The shirt is available in different sizes and in two colors. 

Similary to the previous contest, we’re going to keep things very simple for this one, as you’ll just have to guess the number of participants for this contest, by its deadline on Sunday the 16th of May.

Mail your answers to with as header Revival before the end of the giveaway.

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