Cooler Master launches Alcor & Mizar gaming mice

Cooler Master launches Alcor & Mizar gaming mice

Anyone in need of a new gaming mouse can rest assured, new products keep launching on a weekly base, so there’s a collection to be had.

This time it’s Cooler Master that’s presenting two new products; the Alcor and Mizar mice. Both sport a sleek, minimalist design, closely following a trend that reduces the amount of visual fluff technology used to dish out until just recently.

There’s a difference between the two mice though. The Alcor is an optical device, equipped with an Avago 3090 optical sensor, reaching a DPI of 4000. Four profiles are supposed to let you switch quickly between different DPI values and each profile causes the Cooler Master logo on the device to light up in a different color.


The Mizar (pictured below), then, is a laser mouse, equipped with an Avago 9800 laser sensor, offering a DPI up to 8200. Reinforced rubberised areas are supposed to enhance the grip and the mouse’s seven buttons can all be customised by using the software that comes with the device.


Both mice are available now from Cooler Master’s online shop.

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