Crossover event announced for Ensemble Stars!! Music

Crossover event announced for Ensemble Stars!! Music

Today, Happy Elements has revealed that mobile idol management gacha rhythm game Ensemble Stars!! Music is getting a crossover event with the legendary creator of Hello Kitty, Sanrio. This crossover event will start on October 2nd.

In  Ensemble Stars!! Music, players can collect 49 pop idols and perform their songs in a rhythm-action game that features four difficulty levels. You’ll act as a Producer to develop your own young idols who’re setting out on their journey into the world and explore the entertainment industry. The 3D Live mode lets you perform in the background of the 3D character’s Live scene and enjoy the exquisite 3D MV performance brought by the individual idols.

The crossover event will add cuties like Hello Kitty, KUROMI, My Melody, and Cinnamonroll to the game. these unique characters will appear on tickets used to spin the gacha machine, office decorations, limited scenes, and more.

Check out the preview video for the crossover event starting on October 2nd for Ensemble Stars!! Music below this post.

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