Cyber Protocol (PC) – Review
Follow Genre: Arcade puzzle game
Developer: RedDeer Games
Publisher: RedDeer Games
Platform: PC, Switch
Tested on: PC

Cyber Protocol (PC) – Review

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About a year ago RedDeerGames dropped Cyber Protocol on the Nintendo Switch, an arcade puzzle game drenched in futuristic cyberpunk style. Recently this game got brought to Steam for a PC release so that even more people could enjoy it. Not a lot has changed between the two versions, but that doesn’t mean we can’t give the game another look to give our opinion on this chaotic dystopian 80s puzzler.


Besides the opening cutscene, Cyber Protocol does not have much in way of a plot. That being said, the cutscene itself is a feast for the eyes, animated in a great old-school cartoon style and with colors that pop off the screen. Cyber Protocol is set in a world that’s a mix between 80s retro aesthetics and futuristic dystopia, where you play a hacker set to investigate a forcibly shut down android found on the street. Unlocking all information contained within the bot is the key to solving its murder, but this data won’t just be up for the taking and you’ll have to jump through quite a few hoops to actually acquire it.


Like we mentioned in the opening, Cyber Protocol really uses its graphics to set itself apart from other games in the same genre. Everything is designed to remind of vintage arcade machines, including visual effects and even occasional screen glitches. As a little bonus, there are various graphic themes you can unlock that change up the game’s design to your preference, changing the color palette or allowing the game to look like it’s being run on a Game Boy or other classic console. A lot of the more eyestrain heavy effects are also adjustable or completely removable in the options menu for people who have visual issues, which is a nice touch.


The soundtrack of Cyber Protocol is a delightful amalgamate of synthwave and 8-bit music and is definitely one of the game’s strengths. It’s probable the developers themselves are very much aware of this, since there’s a funky music player that allows you to tune into all the music of the game at will, which is ideal while playing but also if you just want to enjoy some good beats. Overall the music fits the overall feel of the game near perfectly and is just very diverse and enjoyable while playing.


Cyber Protocol is an arcade puzzle game that at first might remind people a little of Pac-Man. It’s not like that at all, but the basic stage outline could be reminiscent to veterans of the genre. In essence though, this is a sliding puzzle game where you have to successfully manage to bring the square you are controlling to the exit. Along the way, you encounter all kinds of danger and as you progress through the game levels get gradually more and more complicated.

Whereat first you will mostly have to use your brain to figure out what moves to make to collect all the fun loot, soon obstacles will get added to the mix and you’ll have to start relying on timing and quick reflexes too. From enemies following their own set paths to lasers emitting a deadly beam at steady intervals, all of it will kill you instantly. Things get even more complicated when there are walls you can’t touch without getting destroyed and squares that change into walls when you move over them. Any death will mean resetting to your last checkpoint or the start of the game and losing all the coins you have collected since that, but you do have unlimited lives.

In terms of what to collect, it will mostly be coins. They come in a smaller, more common variety and the rarer, bigger ones worth more points. How many coins you collect will add up to your final score. There are also bonus tokens which can be a lot trickier to get, but unlock cool new themes and avatars. With over 100 levels, there is a lot to explore in the main game, but if that’s not enough there’s also a co-op for up to four players. Sadly this is just the same game but with the added element of competing for the best score with friends, which is already a thing with the online global high score system. There is also an arcade mode, allowing you to play the game with limited lives or time in place.


Cyber Protocol is an entertaining blend of retro-style graphics with addictive but frustrating gameplay, accompanied by one of the better soundtracks in the genre. While the co-op might not be the greatest thing around, there’s enough here to enjoy on your own. And it has a lot more levels than some other puzzle games boast about, so you’ll be keeping busy for a long while.

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Rating: 9.0/10 (1 vote cast)
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Cyber Protocol (PC) - Review, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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