It Takes Two – Review
Follow Genre: Action-adventure, Platformer
Developer: Hazelight Studios
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Platform: PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5
Tested on: PS5

It Takes Two – Review

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If you’re over 30, then there are probably two things you think of when hearing ‘It Takes Two’, namely the movie starring the Olsen twins or the song by Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock. Now, however, it means the release of an EA game that is not filled to the brim with microtransactions. It Takes Two is a co-op action-adventure game developed by Hazelight Studios and published by EA. To be honest, even before we dive into the full review, this game is probably the best co-op experience we have seen in a long time, that is not part of the party-game genre.


The game introduces us to the Goodwin family, where Rose constantly sees the problems her parents, May and Cody, have. It has gone to the point that she has created surrogate parent figures in a wooden puppet, that represents her mother, and a clay doll, that represents her father. She acts out scenes, making things seem better and simpler as they are. Nonetheless, it seems that what she has feared is finally coming true. Her parents are telling her that they are getting a divorce. She excuses herself from the table, only to wish for her parents to reconnect and stay together. This wish has been granted by none other than the ‘Book of Love’. May and Cody soon find themselves transported inside the bodies of the ‘idols’ Rose has made, being forced to work together to get out of this surrealistic mess. The Book of Love also has its own persona, who will guide you through your journey of rekindling the fire of a relationship that has lost its soul.

Overall, the story is being presented in a very attractive fashion for both young and old. The game lends itself perfectly to discuss adult situations, as well as make it child-friendly for a younger audience. You’ll feel connected to the characters, but also sometimes as if your characters have been quite ‘bad’ as well. For example, at the beginning of the game, you brutally mutilate your old vacuum cleaner, who simply hoped to be fixed, rather than being dumped in the shed.


Having played the PS5 version of It Takes Two, we can immediately say that this game is absolutely gorgeous. Even with the somewhat ‘comical’ characters inhabiting this world, the attention to detail is phenomenal, as well as the many different décor pieces and backgrounds that pass the revue. We enjoyed exploring every area, even though the game is still quite linear. Sometimes it was just nice to stop platforming and enjoy the view the game presented us with.


The sound design of the game is quite nice. The music is adventurous to accompany the grand (but miniature) state of affairs. It’s mainly the voice acting during the many dialogues that steals the show, however. The cast does a formidable job in bringing this luscious and interesting world to life.


It Takes Two is an action-adventure title that has to be played with two players at all times. You can either opt to play together locally or online. In the case of the latter, you can actually invite friends who do not own the game, to play with you as well. From start to finish, you’ll be platforming, solving fairly simple puzzles to progress, engage in (light) combat and encounter big bad bosses. The overall formula of the game may be simple, it feels properly polished and ends up being incredibly enjoyable.

The game’s controls are fairly easy. The game never makes things too complex, and you almost never have to use too many different mechanics in sequence. More than often, it’s just a simple puzzle that needs to be cracked, or an obstacle that needs to be overcome, with some good old-fashioned platforming. Only when sprinting, you lose a bit of control when it comes to handling more precise sections of the game.

What also makes the game somewhat fun and unique is the fact that both characters are the same in their movement skills, but different in what their roles are in the game. More than often, one will have to support the other, by using its unique tool for said area. This can involve two weapons that have to work together for an explosive result, or one character providing support allowing the other to cross over to the next section of the map, in turn opening it for the one who provided support.

As a whole, we didn’t find any cracks in the foundation of the game. While arguably many gamers will like certain parts of the game more than others, many thematic mechanics don’t overstay their welcome. The game feels balanced and never unfair, but also challenging enough to make sure you actively have to work together. This all makes for a very pleasant experience.


It Takes Two is probably the best full co-op action-adventure game we have played in a very long time. From start to finish this title proves to be a blast, all while making your way through many diverse sceneries, often using new mechanics for each of them, only to be entertained even further by the game’s story and graphical prowess. If you’re into these types of games, and you’re looking for a great co-op experience, this one is worth double its asking price.

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Rating: 9.5/10 (2 votes cast)
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It Takes Two - Review, 9.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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