DC’s Justice League: Cosmic Chaos – Review
Follow Genre: Action, Adventure
Developer: PHL Collective
Publisher: Outright Games
Platform: PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S
Tested on: PS5

DC’s Justice League: Cosmic Chaos – Review

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Bad: Feels a bit basic at times, Sadly no co-op for the campaign mode
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We’ve seen an increase in games that are based on superheroes, and most of these are quite serious in nature. We loved battling in outer space while playing through Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy but we did also enjoy the original turn-based gameplay of Marvel’s Midnight Suns. Sadly, games such as Gotham Knights and Marvel’s Avengers missed the mark due to poor design choices. Most of these games, however, are directed towards a more mature audience while in fact both DC and Marvel also have a lot of younger fans. With DC’s Justice League: Cosmic Chaos a lot of superheroes-to-be can also enjoy a kid-friendly adventure with their favorite superheroes.


The members of the Justice League are having a celebration, and as we all know, superheroes often have the worst of luck. In this case, the dastardly Mxyzptlk is raining on their parade and he causes a lot of trouble. Not only does he spawn a host of aquatic villainous foes for the heroes but he also causes some of the Justice League members to get mind-controlled. Now it’s up to Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman to find the missing members and also stop Mxyzptlk in his tracks. Overall the story is quite simple and child-friendly, even though some witty jokes will only be fully appreciated by a more mature audience.


Cosmic Chaos is a very colorful game with chibi-like superheroes and villains. Overall, the quality of the animations is quite good, and even the cutesy characters are nicely made. While the game may look a bit simplistic at times, mainly due to the lack of enemy variation, it does ooze a lot of charm. We loved exploring the small world to see what certain parts of the map had in store for us, as the little city you’ll be playing in is still fairly detailed. We did notice a lot of assets were reused on perhaps too many occasions, but as far as games for a younger audience go, this one looks quite good.


The sound design is actually quite good. Outside of a decent soundtrack, you’ll be treated to fully-voiced dialogues, which is certainly a commendable feat for a title such as this. The voice acting is also great, but we didn’t really like the overall dialogue speed at times. When the game is automatically playing the dialogues, some text windows would immediately disappear, and when characters only spoke a few words we sometimes didn’t even get to see the dialogue window at all. These are minor nitpicks of course, but they were still quite noticeable.


DC’s Justice League: Cosmic Chaos is an action-packed superhero game for kids where you are exploring the city around you, as well as trying to complete small ‘dungeons’. For the most part, this means going from one mission to the next while leveling your characters. There are also optional missions that reward you with experience and comic books. These comic books are needed to unlock new costumes for your troupe of superheroes.

For the most part, the game is quite clear. You’ll run around in the overworld going from one mission to the next, but you are free to take whatever route you prefer and you can even complete some side missions as you go. Sadly, even in side-mission dungeons the mission marker will keep pointing towards your main objective. This was only a small annoyance, but we noticed a lot of minor issues like this, such as awkward camera controls and sometimes a few unresponsive button inputs. That being said, outside of these minor inconveniences, the gameplay is actually a lot of fun, even for more adult players.

Each of your Justice League members has their own set of skills. You can do simple attacks and charged attacks, and you have a special and ultimate move on top of those basic moves. You can freely swap between the different members, and each of these superheroes plays differently. You can, for example, fly around with Superman a lot easier in the city than with Batman’s gliding move. Batman, however, does have a skill that incapacitates enemies while you fend off others. Your team has a nice dynamic, and you can also call in other Justice League members for support, which basically boils down to having an extra party skill you can use. You can further customize your characters via different outfits and artifacts, with the latter giving passive bonuses to the character you equip it to.

The game will take you around eight hours to beat, depending on what side missions you decide to do. While this may be a short game, it just feels like the right length as it would’ve otherwise grown a bit stale. The enemy variety isn’t that high, and so the developers deciding not to drag things out isn’t a bad choice. We only regret the fact that the campaign cannot be played in local co-op, which is a shame. You can only play an ‘instant action’ mode in co-op, in which you play on the campaign map, albeit without any story content.


DC’s Justice League: Cosmic Chaos is a surprisingly fun game geared towards a younger audience. We very much enjoyed exploring the small open-world setting while leveling up our favorite Justice League members. While a bit more variety and some added content would have done wonders here, it’s still a very enjoyable game for kids and even for more mature gamers. We would have loved it if the campaign mode would also allow co-op play, but even so, this one is worth checking out if you have a kid that is a fan of DC’s superheroes. Even those looking for a cute and simple dungeon crawler will find something to love here.

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DC's Justice League: Cosmic Chaos - Review, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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