Deep Print’s Games New Release: Kyoto


Imagine sitting at the table with world leaders making decisions that would impact climate change or a certain animal extinction. Now imagine those world leaders are actually your friends or family members. How would the world end up then?

Deep Print Games is a newly found board game publisher with its founders having a lot of background experience in the board game industry. The game requires a minimum of 3 up to 6 players. The main goal of the game is for each player to reach the current climate goal. Within each round of 90 seconds, players have to present a study that requires financial support as well as the reduction of threatening factors, such as air pollution and threatening certain habitats. Bribing other players with the sole goal to change their action is allowed especially if this benefits one’s hidden agenda. In the 90 second period players have to negotiate, they have to act quickly and decisively in order to take full benefit of the round. At the end of a pre-determined number of rounds, the winning player is the one with the most remaining affluence cash and the achievement of their hidden agendas.

If a goal isn’t met, there are negative environmental consequences for the world that grow over time. If one of them, like species extinction or global warming, reaches a critical level, the game’s climate conference ends abruptly. There is still a winner, but now the leading player – meaning the greediest nation – automatically loses! Will money make the world go round?

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