Demo of She and the Light Bearer out now

Demo of She and the Light Bearer out now

A demo version of the hand-drawn point-and-click adventure game She and the Light Bearer has been announced today, as a teaser for the upcoming release in the first quarter of 2019. She and the Light Bearer is a mixture of point-and-click adventure gameplay and a music album, borrowing its aesthetics from storybooks and fairytales. As the game utilizes hand-drawn art, poetry, dialogue and an instrumental acoustic soundtrack, it offers a relaxing gameplay experience. Not surprisingly as She and the Light Bearer is the brainchild of acclaimed artist Brigitta Rena, who is better known for the highly praised narrative experience that is A Raven Monologue.

“Inspired by fairytales from my childhood, I wanted She and Light Bearer to transmit same feelings of warmth, joy and whimsy to every player, that I felt as a child,” said Game Director and artist Brigitta Rena. “When players explore the magical forest full of charming characters and riddles, I hope they lose themselves in this heartwarming adventure.”


In She and the Light Bearer, players take the role of The Little Firefly who is tasked to find The Mother, slumbering deep inside the heart of the unknown forest. Entering and advancing in the forest is not a simple task as The Little Firefly needs to solve riddles, challenges and puzzles in order to earn the forest’s trust. As The Little Firefly treks deeper into the forest, it will learn the horror of the Devourer and ultimately the secret to awaken The Mother.

With several awards under its belt already, such as the Best Kids and Family Game at Indie Prize Asia 2017 and Best Visual Arts at SEA Game Awards 2018, She and the Light Bearer promises to be an interesting and unique tale to experience.  Check the below trailer to see just how intriguing and mysterious the game is.

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