Dungeon stars early access date confirmed!

Dungeon stars early access date confirmed!

Game studios Furnace and Riposte Games have announced a release date for their new hack & slash dungeon crawler called Dungeon Stars. Dungeon Stars will release on early access on the 26th of April this year.

Dungeon Stars is a hack and slash dungeon crawler game where you need to use swords and spells to battle through many hordes of powerful enemies. Every next room will contain things ranging from healing fountains, rare treasures or powerful enemies. You can collect 15 adventurous heroes, each with their own unique powers to take on the enemies waiting for you within the dungeons.

Blocking powerful enemy attacks, smashing through enemy shields and unleashing rapid attacks to defeat your enemies. Level-up your heroes to unlock new abilities. Equip magic gems and pets to give your heroes new powers. Customize your heroes to match your play style.

Check the trailer below to see if this is a game for you!




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