Dungeon Travelers 2 now out in Europe

Dungeon Travelers 2 now out in Europe

NIS America has announced today that the turn-based JRPG Dungeon Travelers 2: The Royal Library and the Monster Seal is now out in Europe for PS Vita (both digitally and physically). Dungeon Travelers 2 follows Fried, an adventurer from the Royal Library who has been sent to stop the monsters that are rising up against humanity in the kingdom of Romulea. Along your journey, you have the chance to defeat, rescue or simply enter the path of 16 unique girls who can join your party and the fight against the monsters.

Features of the game include:

  • A beautiful art style with uniquely-designed characters
  • Sealbooks, which give your party bonuses, the ability to enchant weapon, or you can just sell them for money
  • Sub-events in dungeons which allow you, as Fried, to develop your relationship with the girls
  • Five base classes, which can be spec’d into sub-classes(with further customisation from there)
  • Original Japanese audio, with English subs


If you’re interested, check out the launch trailer below!

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