First reveals for Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony!

First reveals for Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony!

NIS America is releasing a new Danganronpa game, namely V3: Killing Harmony. As until now, no characters were revealed but that is going to change from today on. Four of the sixteen unlucky souls are presented today, so get ready to dive into some personal facts.

First of all, there is the ‘Ultimate Pianist’ Kaede Alamatsu. She was a child when she started playing the piano which gave the nickname of ‘Piano Freak’. Eventually this changed into the ‘Ultimate’ version after winning tons of competitions. Kaede is mainly positive and will put everything into achieving her goals and dreams. The second ‘participant’ is Rantaro Amami. He doesn’t really remember what his ultimate talent is although this doesn’t really bother him. He is the one who remains calm and presses Monokuma for intel, but this also gives the feeling that he knows more than the rest of his classmates. As a thirth classmate, there is Miu Iruma. She is an Ultimate Inventor and creates different products although she has a rather different way of thinking. Also, she is rather arrogant and will spill loads of dirty jokes. Last but not least, Kokichi Oma is an Ultimate Supreme Leader of an evil secret organization with over 10,000 people. This might seem quite an achievement, but there is no real proof that it actually exists. He says what he thinks and uses theatrical scenes with animated acting quite frequently. From what we can read, it is already a rather lively bunch.

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