First video revealed of TT Isle of Man

First video revealed of TT Isle of Man

Today Bigben and studio Kylotonn revealed the first video off their new game: TT Isle of Man, an official game of the famous competition: The Isle of Man Tourist Trophy (TT).

The developers used laser technology to produce the street circuit of 60,2 km on a scale of 1:1, this results in perfectly modeled streets and topography. Fans of the race will immediately recognize some locations shown in the video. The people that aren’t really familiar with the race will be amazed by the beauty and challenges of this circuit. Racers race over mountain roads and trough little villages at speeds close to loosely 300 km/hour.

John McGuinness (the legendary Morecambe Missile) who won the Isle of Man TT 23 times worked closely with the developers and helped them to perfect the behaviour and physics of the motors. His bike the Honda Fireblade 2016 is on the cover of the game.

TT Isle of Man is available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC in November.


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