Freaking Meatbags – Preview
Follow Genre: Tower Defence
Developer: Wild Factor
Publisher: Wild Factor
Platform: PC

Freaking Meatbags – Preview

Good: Sci-fi fun
Bad: We want more story!
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We always see things from our vision, but image a world where robots reign and venture to foreign planets. We would be merely meatbags. Punny, small, soft balls of meat. Wild Factor took this idea and made a nice tower defence-like game from it.


The game doesn’t have a real storyline. You’re a robot worker, working for someone called bossbot. As it’s a total douche, he sends you off to work to a faraway planet. Your task? Gathering resources on the small planets. Entering the first planet, you’ll notice there are fluffy little men jumping around. The remnants of a long lost past. As your boss ordered you to keep those small pets safe, you make them work and let them mine the resources.

When day shifts to night, it is clear that there are other visitors as well. These evil robots try to destroy you and your base. Thus it is a good thing to defend yourself against these monsters. Although, good defence costs quite some resources. And guess which resources you’re going to use… yes, the ones you are gathering for your boss. Oh boy will he be happy!


When your first mission is over, you can go to the next planet. You’ll get the chance to take some of the meatbags with you, as they did their best to mine you the resources. Each planet has its own obstacles you’ll need to face. During my playtime, it happened several times that I had to restart my game, because there were multiple unseen or unnoticed problems that led to killing my minions .. uhm, meatbags or that killed my base. It is very important to check your environment and to be sure that you know where to put defence towers.

As this is a tower defence game, you’ll get the possibility to place several buildings. Some of them are for offensive use, like towers and lasers, while others are more for resources or defensive purposes. As stated before, it’ll cost you resources to place them. The developer implemented the possibility to recycle useless or misplaced buildings, although you won’t receive the same amount you’ve put into it.


Finishing a level gives you some extra bonuses, which u can use in the shop. This shop sells several things, like upgrades or brain improvements for your meatbags.

Graphically seen, the game has a polished retro-feeling. The environments are flat images, with occasional 2D-effects. Your robot looks kind of robust but in a weird way also cute, with its blue stripe and robot arms. The  small humans are cartoonish but fit the environment and setting of the game.

The sound is surprisingly well and fit the overall feeling of the game. The music during a level will be the same, but you’ll be more busy with thinking about a strategy rather than listening to the tune. The sound effects are very fancy and is a surplus for the overall gaming experience.


As this was a pre-alpha version, I have to admit that I didn’t notice any bugs during my playtime. Thumbs up for the Wild Factor!


Every gamer that likes tower defence games and is into sci-fi related robot stuff, will like this game. It is a nice mixture of several elements and will keep you busy for a while! The only thing that would be nice, is a bit more story-related content.

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Freaking Meatbags - Preview, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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