Games with Gold December 2019 list

Games with Gold December 2019 list

As you might know, when having an online subscription on a console, not only can you play online but for a few years you also get to download and play some nice premium games for free. There are four games available during December, so grab them while you can.

Insane Robots (from 1/12 – 31/12): A card game where you can battle with over 46 different bots and a pretty long campaign that stretches over fifteen hours long.

Jurassic World Evolution (from 16/12 – 15/1): Be the owner of the real Jurassic Park and maintain your dinosaurs to make enough money so you can fund new research. Be sure to keep them under control because these animals aren’t easy to be tamed.

Toy Story 3 (from 1/12 – 15/12): Buzz, Woody and Jessie traverse a new and unknown world in Toy Story 3. Build your own city and create the story of your dreams, only limited by your own fantasy.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate HD (from 16/12 – 31/12): The mystery surrounding the Belmont family is revealed. You play as Trevor Belmont, a knight at the Brotherhood of Light, to fight against his father Gabriel that is the mighty Dracula.

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