Gaming On A Mobile Device: How To Maximise Your Phone’s Potential

Gaming On A Mobile Device: How To Maximise Your Phone’s Potential

Mobile gaming is massive. Game publishers and developers are investing heavily in mobile versions of their games and companion apps to help players play. If you are looking for ways to get more from your mobile gaming, you should check out this deep dive into optimizing your smartphone for mobile gaming.

Manage Your Notifications

Notifications from social media and other apps are a distraction. When you are at an important point in a game, they can affect your play, as well as reduce your phone’s processing power. To get more from your mobile device, you should silence some apps, so they do not get in the way or slow things down. This will help you to concentrate on what matters most; hitting a high score or defeating an end-of-level boss.

Make sure you do not disable any app notifications you need. This can include calls from important people, text messages, and apps you need to keep in contact with. If you place bets on sporting events, you may want to allow those notifications to stay up to date with the game.

Notifications are key to following your bets, and can help you get some wins! As well as ensuring you have notifications set for events, you should find tips to enhance your chances and picks. You can find some quality racing tips from various bookmakers with expert analysis on every race. You will want to receive notifications from your favorite betting apps if you have backed any of these horses. Make sure you select which apps you silence carefully, so you still get the information you need while you play.

Upgrade To A Controller

One of the hardest parts of playing mobile games is using a touchscreen. Holding your device while you play can also be uncomfortable. Buying a mobile control pad solves both of these problems. You should be able to use any Bluetooth-enabled controller to play games on your phone, opening up the option of using your console favorites like an Xbox or PlayStation pad. These do not hold the phone for you, however, which is a drawback to using them.

Look for a controller designed specifically for mobile use. These come in two basic formats. There are some controllers that expand around your phone, so it sits in between your left and right-hand buttons and sticks. Others take a more traditional form, similar to an Xbox pad, but your phone clips into a holder on the top of the pad. Both systems work well, but the second variety is generally more comfortable for long gaming sessions. Switching to a pad gives you more consistent control and is more ergonomic compared to playing on your screen.

Get A Game Boosting App

Since the early days of smartphones, clever coders and dedicated gamers have been facing this problem and have come up with some useful solutions. Look in your phone’s app store for a game-boosting application that can do the hard work for you. These apps will free up system resources and dedicate them to running your game.

Look for a highly rated and recommended game-boosting app on your app store. A good app should allow you to tweak its settings to suit your demands. The best-boosting apps will allow some of your apps to run in the background or send you notifications. Some phone manufacturers even include these apps in their factory installation. Samsung has an app, included on its operating system called Game Launcher that can handle this for you if you use one of their phones.

Big Screen Gaming

If you are at home or you have access to a smart TV, you can upscale your mobile gaming to the big screen. By using a phone mirroring app you can stream the game from your phone directly to a television and get more from your game. This allows you to put your phone to the side and leave it to recharge. You can then simply sit back and play with a pad just like you do with an Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo Switch.

How to get your phone on the big screen will vary depending on your phone’s operating system, your TV’s smart capabilities, and the type of internet connection you have access to. Your phone and TV will need to share the same Wi-Fi network. You will probably need an app installed on your smart TV or a media device like an Amazon FireStick or Google Chromecast too. Investigate your options to find the easiest and quickest way to put your gaming on the big screen where it belongs.

It only takes a few minutes of work to get yourself set up. Reduce the number of apps you have running in the background and sending you notifications, get a boosting app, and for the best experience, buy a pad. You can maximise your mobile gaming and your mobile device if you use these top tips.

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