Get outside to play some old-school soldier in the sun! Recoil is here

Get outside to play some old-school soldier in the sun! Recoil is here

Do you remember those days boys? Hey, and girls, you are welcome to join this flashback as well. There will be no discrimination here. Playing with your friends in the schoolyard with nothing but sticks and your hands to point at your mates and ”shoot” them. Then, of course, you’d expect the other person to just fall down because you were convinced you hit them. They never did.

Now there’s a new toy coming, following up on the success of games such as Pokémon Go! but with more real-life hardware and interaction involved. Recoil by Goliath is here at the end of June. The idea: Place a Wi-fi access point somewhere, and that area becomes a battle zone up to 150 meters. In this zone, you and your mates or other random players can go play laser tag!  Place your phone next to the gun, look at the radar, point, and shoot. The starter set includes two guns to get started with a person of your own choosing. Oh, but don’t forget to pack some sunscreen.






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Find me on youtube to see some playthroughs!

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