Hearts of Iron IV historical trailer revealed

Hearts of Iron IV historical trailer revealed

Paradox has unleashed a new gameplay trailer for their WW II strategy titan Hearts of Iron IV. This time, they’re showing us a trailer of historical meaning on par with the theme of the game.

Hearts of Iron IV takes place in a dark alternate universe in which a weakened United Kingdom has fallen to the overwhelming power of the Third Reich. The trailer shows several key events such as air strikes on the British homeland, forcing the fall of Europe’s last hope in these dark times. Also demonstrated are the descriptive arrows and animations, allowing players to easily follow the war on the map.

Without further ado, let’s check out the trailer of Hearts of Iron IV and shudder at the thought of this possibly being true in an alternate universe. Hearts of Iron IV is set to release in 2016 so you may want to hold on to your excitement for a while.



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