How to Cut Back Your Screen Time

How to Cut Back Your Screen Time

As much fun as you might be having when you play the latest-released PC game or mobile games on your smartphone, there might come a time when you wonder whether you’ve had too much screen time.

You might be spending less time with your friends and family, ignoring your other life commitments, or starting to experience the health consequences of sitting in the same position for too long. Whatever the reason, you might be able to cut back your screen time in some of the following ways:

Play Non-Digital Games

You don’t have to give up games altogether when you’ve decided to cut back your screen time. Instead, you can play non-digital games. Board games, Solve It Puzzles, regular puzzles, and lawn games can all be ideal entertainment for you, your friends, and your family. You also don’t have to say goodbye to your favorite computer games altogether. You can simply split your spare time between them and other fun activities.

Set Usage Limits

Time can get away from you when you play online computer games with your friends. Consider setting usage limits if you regularly spend entire days in front of your computer screen. Even pro gamers sometimes need a break, and various apps and tools for mobile devices and computers can alert you when that time comes.

Don’t Eat At Your Computer

When you’re immersed in a fun game, you often only tend to take breaks when you need to use the bathroom and grab something to eat. You might then return to your computer and eat your food at your desk rather than prying yourself away from the game.

Eating at your desk limits how many breaks you take away from your desk. Food and beverages near your keyboard might also put you at risk of having to buy a new one if you spill something on it. Make your desk a ‘no food’ zone to prevent this problem and to ensure you’re taking plenty of screen breaks.

Turn Off Your Notifications

If you’re spending far too much time on your smartphone due to the endless number of notifications you receive, consider turning them off. You can still use your phone to avoid NOMOPHOBIA, but you aren’t checking it every time you feel it vibrate or hear it make a sound. Instead, you’re checking specific apps when you want to use them.

Don’t Take Your Phone Everywhere

Many people are never without their phones. They take them with them while taking the trash out, collecting the mail, and even using the bathroom. While it might take time to change your habits, try doing tasks without sliding your phone into your pocket or carrying it in your hand.

Read a book in your yard without checking your notifications, keep it out of the kitchen while you’re making dinner, and leave it out of the bathroom while you’re using the toilet. While it’s a good idea to carry your phone with you when you leave the house for safety reasons, you can still do plenty of phone-free tasks to reduce your reliance.

Cutting back screen time is never easy, especially when you’re immersed in a computer game and don’t want to take a break. However, consider taking these actions above to ensure you’re spending your free time wisely and not becoming reliant on your mobile devices or computers.

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