How to Find Profitable Online Casino Games?

How to Find Profitable Online Casino Games?

One of the most common questions that online gamblers make is how to find the most profitable casino games. Even though the likelihood of you making the same amount of money as other players (or losing it) will always differ, you can use some tips and pieces of advice to maximize your chances of making a profit in the long run.

We are going to tell you 5 tips on how to find the most profitable online casino games so you can put them into practice and only play online casino games that truly serve the purpose of providing you with a profit.

1. Games Against Other Players Always Offer Better Odds

You’ve probably heard the old saying of “the house always wins”, which seems to always be true when referring to a land-based casino. It’s every bit as true when talking about online casinos, but there’s an exception to every rule and an alternate angle to every point of view.

There are online casino games that you don’t really need to worry about the housekeeping your money, and those are games where the money at wager is money that you bet against other players. Casinos may keep a commission in games such as poker, but the vast majority of the cash will go to the most skilled player.

2. Look Thoroughly and Unearth Hidden Gems

We know that it’s quite tempting to play online casino games that have made it to the pinnacle of the online gambling world. However, some of the most profitable slots are not the most mainstream ones.

We all love to play games like Starburst or Book of Dead, but lesser-known titles can be just as fun to play and offer even bigger return rates than the biggest names of the industry. After all, online casinos will always push for 96% RTP (learn more about RTP here) games to become popular, as their profits will be lower if everyone just played 98% RTP games or anything above that.

3. Use Loyalty Bonuses to Make a Profit

If you’ve been playing in an online casino for a while, you will have the chance to use loyalty bonuses to earn cash, free spins, or even free playtime in some online casino games. Online casinos like to give back to their players after they show their loyalty, and the best way to do it is by offering them cash and free spins.

You can check out the loyalty programs in online casinos before you register in them to be sure that you like what they have to offer in the long run.

4. Prioritize Games with High RTP Rates

The RTP is the amount of cash that you’re expected to keep after playing an online casino game for an extended period of time. This amount of cash is unlikely to be reflected in a single session of gaming, but taking RTP into consideration could maximize your chances of making a profit in any casino game.

Playing games with over 96% RTP will guarantee you that the odds are more in your favor than with other casino games. It’s important to consider this if you’re playing slots, which are games that come with very different return rates.

Some games with RTP rates lower than 96% may be worth playing, though. The Casino Wizard has a review about the Mega Moolah jackpot where you can learn more about the highest-paying jackpot game in the history of online casinos.

5. Play Games with Casino Bonuses

Taking full advantage of casino bonuses is the go-to way in which you can earn money playing online casino games. Free spins bonuses let you play online slots and thrilling reel-spinning games without you spending any of your money, whilst free cash bonuses can be freely spent in all areas of a casino.

Even though you should always take RTP into consideration when deciding how profitable a game is, having the chance to play for free is a can’t-miss opportunity.

Even if you’re given free spins to be spent in a game with low RTP, the money made from it will be a profit anyway.

The Most Profitable Casino Games

We’ve told you ways in which you can easily find great value casino games, but now we’re going to tell you just which casino games are the most profitable of the bunch. You can use the tips provided in these articles to find variants of these games that give you the most money, or you can visit reliable online casinos to play them all:

Live Poker

Live poker is one of the most skill-based games that you can play when visiting an online casino, as well as one of the games that promise the biggest profits.

That’s because the house keeps none of your money (except for small commission fees that make casinos sustainable) and you’ll have to use your own know-how and skills to beat other players.

There are plenty of incredible poker casinos, and poker itself is one of the most popular casino games precisely because of its competitive and thrilling nature. Get good at poker and profits will come.

Live Games

Live table games in online casinos can be really fun to play, but many online casinos also offer contest games within their live game sections, such as the ones made by Evolution Gaming.

Table games have a variable RTP that is fully influenced by how good you are at the game in question, and even though live contest games are more dependent on luck, they can still be profitable and offer relatively good RTP rates.

Play games like blackjack, baccarat, roulette, or poker against the house if you want to play casino games that have the highest RTP rates in the online casino industry.


Online slots, and casino slots in general, are some of the most played games in the gambling industry. They are somewhat relaxing yet they offer a level of excitement and potential profit unmatched by other games – even if you risk a small amount of money per placed wager.

In any case, online slots are the casino games that you can influence the less with your own skills and know-how, but some slots with high RTP rates and low house edge can be fun, thrilling, and massively profitable.

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