The Most Popular Online Casino Bonuses

The Most Popular Online Casino Bonuses

There are many advantages to playing in an online gambling parlor. One of the main appeals for the players is definitely casino bonuses, as these promos allow them to have additional playtime. As there are many bonuses available in online casinos it would be good to see all the different types of bonuses and which ones are the most popular.

Types of Bonuses in Casinos

The goal or idea behind having the bonuses is to make the casino more appealing to a wider player base. This means those who love slots and those who love table games. This is why online casinos real money platforms tend to have bonuses that encourage players to deposit their funds into their casino account. Moreover, bonuses are specifically designed to encourage either one or the other type of games. As a result, you are likely to see some of the following offers:

  • Welcome Offer (this one can come with free spins and free chips variant)
  • Free spins (for specific games)
  • Free chips
  • Extra funds (100%-300% bonus on certain deposits, or no deposit bonus)

We will explain each of these in detail.

Advantages of the Welcome Bonus

Almost all of the online gambling parlors have welcome bonuses, as it is a tried and tested way of getting new users. If you were to visit Irish casinos you are likely to see that the welcome offer is displayed on the banner on the online casino’s home page. Moreover, this type of offer tends to be the most generous of the bunch, and it is activated through a promo code. This allows players to choose the type of bonus assets they receive, either free spins, chips, or funds for betting. In other words, it caters to all users and needs to give them a good reason to sign up despite the fact that they might have an existing account on a different platform.

Deposits in Online Casinos

Deposits are a necessary component for a player to play and win rewards. They also affect the jackpot, or how much anyone can win in general. Since it’s an integral part of the system casinos want to ensure users are constantly funding the accounts and even reward bigger transfers. An online bonus is directly affected by the deposit if this casino bonus multiplies the deposited amount. So, you basically get way more by depositing $100 than $50.

However, casinos are also aware that people might have reservations about funding the account. It is why they offer no deposit bonuses simply for making the account. This approach is there to help them alleviate the doubt.

Opportunities to get Free Spins

Slots are the most played games in an online casino, and there are lots of variations in terms of reels, paylines, and overall theme of a slot game. It is for this reason that most bonuses come with free spins. Players who love slots get more value out of their deposit, and casinos can ensure that different games get equal attention. They do this by implementing wagering requirements that only allow free spins to be usable on certain slot games. Of course, free spin only acts as a minimal wager for the slot, and players can combine it with the real money if they wish to qualify for a bigger reward.


So these were some of the most popular bonuses available in online gambling parlors. As you can see the idea is to keep the players invested by allowing them to enjoy more of their favorite games. Given how the competition is fierce in this world it’s quite common for casinos to have weekly and daily bonuses as well. These incentives keep the players coming back even when they burn through their welcome offer.

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