Insurgency Sandstorm – Preview
Follow Genre: Action, Strategy, FPS
Developer: New World Interactive
Publisher: New World Interactive
Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One
Tested on: PC

Insurgency Sandstorm – Preview

Good: It feels the same like its predecessor with some improvements
Bad: Hopefully next beta test will crush the last bug
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In 2014 New World Interactive changed the way we fought wars in the Middle East. With its innovative gameplay based on Rising Storm allowing the player full control and movement during combat. To make it more immersing the HUD is hidden and can only be summoned for mission objectives. New Word Interactive provided a realistic modern counterpart to the highly loved WWII titles. As the first Insurgency was a popular game made available by its very good selling price, it was something many could enjoy without shelling out too much. Now the developers are back with a title even more interesting than its predecessor and with (almost) all the annoyances cleared away while not touching the core gameplay too much.

Back in the hot and sandy streets of the Middle East, the player is once again waging war for control on either the military side or the insurgents. The first cool new feature is that the game allows the player to fully customize their character on both sides. You can adjust both gear and weapons and your choices will be saved so you can jump in a game and rush into combat.

Being on the frontlines is just as scary as it would be in real life, which might sound strange to those who have never played a highly realistic shooter. Realizing that each gunshot could mean the end, you know to keep your head down. Firefights are as nerve-racking as in the first game. If you are new, skilled gunmen will have no trouble picking off enemies at a distance or holding down hot zones. Insurgency 2 boasts a handful of classes that each have various weapons, which allows for each type of player to enjoy the game the way they like. Some will prefer long-ranged snipers, while others want to mow down the streets with light machine guns and the craziest just like blowing stuff up in the demolition class.

Mayhem is the name of warfare and not feeling safe is the best way to break in new players. In the preview we did you could easily differentiate Rooks from Aces solely on the way they react to the environment. Insurgency Sandstorm 2 will make a veteran combatant out of you and all this in a beautifully made desert setting. Weapons look realistic with upgrades blending right in without looking funky, characters are unique for players and it can be hard to spot camouflaged enemies in the scenery. A true soldier relies on his ears and the audio cues can be heard very clearly with the right equipment. For the best user experience a surround headset is advised.

Most of the times when a new installment is released many people compare it to its predecessor. We bet that a lot of people found it frustrating that while you could pick up dropped weapons in the first Insurgency, it was impossible to get ammunition for it. This has been fixed by adding a scavenge option to the weapons, topping up your ammo or allowing you to keep on fighting when your main gun is dry. The first game wasn’t as plagued by bugs as many got flushed out,in the first beta run of Insurgency 2 there were many bugs encountered, which hindered gameplay at times. The second beta run will be coming soon and we hope for new content and patches.


As the successor of the loved first Insurgency, this Sandstorm is going in the right direction. The annoyances from the first game are cleared away but many bugs remain, it’s just a first beta for players to try out. Everything looks great, feels amazing and teamwork was never so crucial as it is now. Insurgency 2 Sandstorm is going to fill your boots with sand, hands with dirt and head with PTSD.

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Rating: 7.4/10 (5 votes cast)
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Insurgency Sandstorm – Preview, 7.4 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

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