Just Cause 3 Gold Edition DLC – Review
Follow Genre: Open world, Action-Adventure
Developer: Avalanche Studios
Publisher: Square Enix
Platform: PC, Xbox One, PS4
Tested on: PS4

Just Cause 3 Gold Edition DLC – Review

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Good: Call in orbital laser strikes, fly around in your jetpack and wreak havoc in a powerful Mech.
Bad: Same old bugs, frame drops ruin the flow of action, liberate camp, do mission, rinse and repeat
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During the initial review we were short on time to fully explore the new additions of the DLC included in the gold edition, this is why we do a follow-up focused on the Air, Land & Sea Expansion. This feels very different to the original game thanks to the sci-fi futuristic setting of it all.


It all begins with a strange situation on the ground. Rico is contacted to check it out and when he gets on location there is this drone that is doing all sorts of strange actions. This all boils down to Rico destroying the drone and finding a piece of scrap. Sheldon recognizes the logo as something from the eDEN Corporation and does some digging. With the findings they are able to build you a Bavarium Wingsuit that is fully equipped with machine gun and homing launcher. With this you can check out the humongous airship that just flew in above the island. After claiming this aircraft and defeating its weaponry to save Medici you get notified about a new island. It seems that this place has a giant cargo plane flying in and out shipping prisoners. When finally getting access to this location you will discover the high technological developments that this abandoned eDEN facility has. Too bad that this is not really deserted (would have been too easy) but it is now in the hands of an old friend: the Black Hand.

The Air, Land & Sea Expansion looks very futuristic with the addition of highly sophisticated weaponry and special vehicles. Its scenery is set in three locations: A dreadnought airship, a large prison island and the abandoned sea facility that suffered great damage from its main experiment. To differentiate the DLC from the vanilla game it made the cutscenes in a slide show cartoon way instead of opting for the casual full motion ones. Sadly the developers did not fix frame rate issues and this means that in most hectic battles you will suffer from serious frame drops which are a big no-no for a complete edition.

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Next to the frame drops it could be also possible to still encounter many bugs that should have been patched already, this is a little downer since you would expect that this would have gotten fixed. Without any further smiting there still are many cool things about this Gold Editionlike the armed jetpack Wingsuit, Mech robots and the ultimate weapon Spark gun that will ensure an easy takeover of Medici. This means that players that chose to complete the DLC missions early on will become truly overpowered for further objectives. It does come in handy when you find some events that are harder than usual and you can freely choose not to use the new toys so it is not mandatory to become mister overpowered.

Also in addition this version comes all the pre-order bonuses and small DLC packs that were already released and adds a few extra things as well. A handful of new weapons including the CS Predator, Bavarium machine gun and Final Argument. Some weaponized vehicles such as the Serpente, Delphino and weaponized UrgaOgar that cover land, sea and air. Also to upgrade your fresh belongings there are new challenges for the jetpack, Eden Spark and many more items.

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To access the DLCs in order you must already have completed a few story missions since it needs to meet certain goals to let the new adventure nicely blend in with the main questline.

Sky Fortress is the first available shortly when unlocking rebel drops, the others will unlock soon after with the Sea Heist coming in last at the eleventh story mission. Naturally with the jetpack you will fly through these missions with ease.


If you have not yet played Just Cause 3 and are interested in it this can be an interesting version for you. With the addition of three sectors, a handful of new vehicles and weapons and including other launch and exclusive content the Gold Edition can be right up you alley. If you however already own the normal game it could be a bit of a letdown since the content is always the same rinse and repeat missions besides the story.

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Just Cause 3 Gold Edition DLC - Review, 7.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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