Kamikaze Veggies – Preview
Follow Genre: Adventure, Puzzle
Developer: Red Limb Studio
Publisher: Red Limb Studio
Platform: PC
Tested on: PC

Kamikaze Veggies – Preview

Good: High production value, Asparagus saladbar, Good balance between action and puzzles
Bad: Tomatoes are communists
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These days there are a lot of unique indie titles on the market. As modern triple-A games tend to lose quality, it is astonishing to see what small development teams can come up with. Red Limb Studio already has some experience with making games and their newest game Kamikaze Veggies has a high-quality standard. As an Early Access game, this title already feels pretty polished but one can only wonder what more they’ll add on launch.

It all starts with a fully voiced and animated intro sequence: your commander informs you about your mission and you get dropped into the tutorial with your first hero. As the name might imply, it is not necessary to have all your squad members survive your mission in Kamikaze Veggies. Some will give their life for their country. The game blends action and puzzle elements, where your first character is a carrot with a bunch of TNT strapped to his body. The tutorial informs you that you must use stealth to evade the enemy and you get taught how to use items and the simple control layout. As the “piece de resistance” you will blow yourself up to destroy a large gate that stops you from progressing further. This is where the core of Kamikaze Veggies comes into play, you will have troops sacrificing themselves to pave the way for your other soldiers.

Nothing is more fun to launch your soldier into a large group of enemies that are standing next to the wall while yelling “asparagus salad bar!” and exploding in a fierce and patriotic death. Your next soldier parachutes in and completes the tutorial. Now you are told by your commander that the world used to be a peaceful place, as once humanity was gone it made a place for veggies to start growing and becoming sentient. As they started to face the same problems that the humans had, namely overgrowth and not that many resources, wars started breaking out and the evil communist empire of red vegetables started grabbing the lands for themselves. The story takes the typical Capitalist West VS Communist East approach and puts this in a funny kitchen-friendly version.

The gameplay itself is pretty simple, you just need to complete your objective and try to score as many points as possible by killing hostiles, grabbing treasure, and solving puzzles along the way. Each level awards you with stars and the more you have, the earlier you will unlock new troops. Each solder has its own strengths, weaknesses, and unique ability. Building your team with the right folks for the job is essential while staying within the allowed budget. Good troops cost a bit, but the cheaper troops have a timer strapped to them, meaning time is of the essence. These cheaper troops will make it easier for you to blow things up though.

What players will notice is that the voice acting in this game is really on point, from your commander giving you the lowdown on the next mission to the various one-liners of enemies. Not only are the voices well done, but the various sound effects and music in the game also are pleasant to the ears and it just sounds like there has been a lot of time invested into crafting the right effects and music.

Not only are the sounds great, but the graphics themselves are also high quality. The game uses nice animations for each character, this makes them feel unique. The maps are colorful and each level takes inspiration from various sources, making exploration worth your while (if you don’t have a bomb strapped to your current active character).


Kamikaze Veggies is a game that gives many valid reasons why this should be in your library. The high production value the game has with its nicely made graphics, fun animations, great sound design, and delightful voice acting, makes it a worthy addition to your games collection. The game is simple fun where you can just blow yourself up if you so desire. You can get the game for the price of a club sandwich, so why not try this title for yourself and “asparagus salad bar!”.

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Kamikaze Veggies – Preview, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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