Kamikaze Veggies (Switch) – Review
Follow Genre: Adventure, Puzzle, Stealth
Developer: Red Limb Studio
Publisher: Red Limb Studio
Platform: PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Switch
Tested on: Switch

Kamikaze Veggies (Switch) – Review

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Good: Fun gameplay, Blowing up tomatoes on console
Bad: Runs at a much lower framerate, Strange colors
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What all started in 2021 under the title of Suicide Vegetables grew up to be an amazing title a year later as Kamikaze Veggies. This little gem is filled with many jokes and some cultural references, and thanks to its overall strong gameplay it took our hearts by storm. We had a lot of fun both in Early Access and when it got released. Now the crazy veggies are making their way onto Switch and we decided to give this another go. For this short review we will mainly take a closer look at Switch’s performance and relevancy.

At first, humans inhabited the planet but as they got too greedy they destroyed Mother Earth and humanity was wiped out. After years of nothingness, vegetables started growing and becoming sentient and thus they became the new life on the planet. For a time, all went well, but then they began to succumb to the same issue the humans had: overpopulation. There was one smart tomato by the name of Joseph Pommodorov that was studying the communist ideology and rallied all the red vegetables against all the other veggies. Joseph now controls the world but fortunately, there is one team of secretly trained operators that want to put an end to this. You join the resistance and guide these heroes through the dangerous missions to weaken and ultimately overthrow Pommodorov’s regime. The story segments are presented by the commander at the beginning of each mission, describing details while cracking a pun or two. The story does hold a few surprises and it never truly dulls down. The story that is presented through various cutscenes keeps you engaged from start to finish.

At the start of your career, you’ll have to make your way through boot camp. This tutorial teaches you the important basics of survival, how to be stealthy, and how to survive in combat. After this, you’re good to go. Each level doesn’t take too long to complete and you can finish them in different ways. You could opt for a stealth approach or decide to be like Rambo and kill every single hostile present. The latter might be more interesting as you’ll gain a higher score and thus receive more stars. With more stars, you can unlock other characters to play with. In total there are five different classes with two variants of each class. At the start of each mission, you get a limited budget to pick what kind of soldiers you want to use. Small troops are cheaper than normal soldiers but will explode once their timer runs out, while normal troops aren’t constrained to this limitation.

Porting the original PC game to Nintendo’s hybrid console of course came with some cutbacks. These cutbacks were mainly visible in the graphical department. The biggest noticeable difference is in the graphical viewpoint and how the colors come through. On the PC version, it looked like the colors were nicely blended while in the Switch version, most colors were overly bright and they didn’t mesh together well. Every surface often consisted of only one color, rather than having different gradations. Due to this, the game was sometimes a bit unclear.

Another downgrade is that the game seems to struggle with holding a solid 30 FPS at all times. This was most noticeable when you have a few interactable objects and enemies in the same place. When this occurs, the game begins to stutter a bit. Naturally, you will get used to this after some time playing and the gameplay does not suffer immensely from the performance issues.

Fortunately, the game did not receive any downgrades to its gameplay or sound department. The story and mission briefings are still fully voiced and when you come in contact with enemies the same goofy music starts playing to let you know you have a chase going.


Kamikaze Veggies was already a really fun game that we spent multiple hours on to overthrow the communist tomato regime. Red Limb Studios did their best to bring the experience of exploding vegetables to Nintendo’s hybrid console. Compared to the original PC version, the Switch version had to be toned down, and the visual fidelity isn’t always that great. While the Switch version comes with its limitations it sure is fun to be able to take on the communist tomatoes in handheld mode. All in all, you’re getting nearly the same experience as the PC version, which means you cannot really go wrong with this one.

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Rating: 9.5/10 (2 votes cast)
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Kamikaze Veggies (Switch) – Review, 9.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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