Kamikaze Veggies – Review
Follow Genre: Adventure, Puzzle, Stealth
Developer: Red Limb Studio
Publisher: Red Limb Studio
Platform: PC
Tested on: PC

Kamikaze Veggies – Review

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In March of this year, we had our first experience with Kamikaze Veggies, a game about sentient vegetables. It was an Early Access title that already had a decent amount of content. Now that it is fully released, we revisit this title and it came with a surprise for those who completed the campaign early on. Will you be able to stop the evil red veggies from conquering the world, or will you end up in a vegetable stew?


The story begins with humanity facing serious difficulties. After their demise, the plants were free to grow and veggies started growing and became sentient. All was fine at first, but after some time, the veggies started having the same issues as the humans, namely overgrowth and a lack of resources. This sparked the red vegetables to unify, and under the command of communist Joseph Pommodorov, they started claiming more and more land as their own. It is up to a mixed bunch of produce to overthrow the communist regime in the name of freedom for all.

Players who already played through the initial seven levels of the Early Access campaign will be greeted with a story update once they launch level eight. We don’t want to spoil much for new users, so let’s say that there is a serious plot twist halfway through the game. The story is presented via the briefings at the start of each level, which not only inform you about your mission but also give an extra incentive to stop this war rather sooner than later.


When you see the game you’d think it was created by a large triple-A studio, but this isn’t exactly true. Red Limb Studios has a few games under their belt, but they aren’t a studio with decades of experience. The graphical quality was already pretty good when the game was in Early Access and it has received some extra polish along the way.

Styling-wise Kamikaze Veggies looks like a kid-friendly game with its cartoon graphics, but it leans more towards Happy Tree Friends when it comes to the overall graphical violence. In this game, characters will die, explode and sacrifice themselves in one big juicy mess. The fact that you are playing as food might lessen the impact, but in all honesty, once you think about it, the game is pretty messed up.


The sound design of Kamikaze Veggies is absolutely amazing. With the fully narrated story and the commander speaking to you before each mission, you’ll be treated to a feel very realistic experience and it allows the player to feel committed to bringing the troops in one piece. During a mission, you will enjoy the many sounds of nature, the birds, the water, and communists blowing up. Even though your time on the field is filled with high-quality sound effects from all the interactable objects, there is sadly no background music. The game is pointed towards stealth, so there is no heavy music playing in the background. The music is reserved for the menu when you are getting ready for your next assignment.


Kamikaze Veggies is a stealth adventure game where self-sacrifice might be more than just a last line of defense. Your career begins in boot camp where the commander explains to you how to survive on the battlefield. The gameplay itself is pretty simple: you have to sneak your way through the enemy establishment or use any tool of the trade to destroy those who stand in your path. There are a bunch of tools that you can use, from shovels to grenades, land mines, and even gas bombs. The game doesn’t encourage pacifism, as you get extra points for killing more communists.

There are many different troops, and these all pose a real threat. Some peasants might only carry pitchforks, but they move really fast, while soldiers may be slower but shoot you with guns. Initially, the enemies are easy to dispose of, but later in the game, it becomes absolutely crazy with laser turrets and even flying saucers. To combat these troops, you have a variety of eight different operatives, each with their own unique skills and weapon. You have the big veggies that can roam on the battlefield without restrictions, or you can use smaller, cheaper troops to quickly clear the enemies that come your way and these troops will explode in a matter of seconds. All of them are equipped with a destructive weapon that will do a huge amount of damage, but it sadly will end their life in the process. So when you run out of grenades or are cornered by the enemy, just push the button and take them with you to cuisine hell.

Before starting each mission, you have to select what troops to bring and each of them costs points. There is a limited amount of points allocated for each mission, so choose wisely. Of course, there is no shame in restarting or changing up your loadout, as different tactics may provide you with different results.

In total there are fourteen levels, split between the initial seven levels and the turning point with the other seven levels. See the first levels are all fought on the homeland. The communists have invaded your lands and you must take these back. After that, you will play more aggressively and you’ll have to intrude the enemy’s highly secured locations.


We were initially very impressed with the Early Access version of Kamikaze Veggies, and we were even happier after playing the full game. If you played the Early Access version of the game, you can simply start off where you were. The graphics have been polished to make the game look even better and the stages are even more mouth-watering and insane than before. When it comes to gameplay, the core elements of stealth and action have remained the same, and the puzzles do get more complicated the further you progress in the story. If you’re a fan of wacky but violent stealth adventure games, we can only recommend to check this one out.

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Kamikaze Veggies – Review, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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