La-Mulana 2 – Review
Follow Genre: action-adventure platformer
Developer: NIGORO
Publisher: AGM PLAYISM
Platforms: PC, Mac
Tested On: PC

La-Mulana 2 – Review

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Good: Fun gameplay, amazing graphics, soothing music and sounds, challenging
Bad: Lots of backtracking, sometimes puzzles are too difficult
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Fans of La-Mulana have been rewarded for their patience, and they had to have a lot of it seeing as the sequel is available now, over a decade after the original title was released. With the help of a very successful Kickstarter that was launched a few years ago, players can now relive the old 2D glamour days with the retro La-Mulana 2. Get ready to feel nostalgic, gather a lot of patience and prepare for some easy and not-so-easy puzzles.


If you played the original La-Mulana you definitely remember archeologist Lemeza Kosugi. After his visit, the ruins he explored collapsed, leaving many people blaming him for the destruction. Now the old entrance to the caves has become a popular tourist attraction. The villagers, long known as the protectors of the ruins and as the seventh child of “Mother”, the creator of all humanity, have been searching for a new meaning to their existence ever since.

However, recently monsters started showing up around the old entrance. In La-Mulana 2 we meet Lemeza’s daughter Lumisa Kosugi. She sets out to find the cause of these mysterious appearances and travels to Eg-Lana, the other side of the La-Mulana ruins.

The story takes place a few years after the story of the original game. It’s interesting that the developers chose to build on the previous story, which already gives you a familiar feeling. In this sequel the protagonist isn’t really going back to the La-Mulana ruins, instead she is going to the Eg-Lana ruins, adding plenty of newness to both the story and the gameplay.


Remember those good old 2D days before 3D came along and took over? La-Mulana 2 takes you back in time bringing you retro 8-bit graphics and pixelated art. It’s all beautifully done, every character, enemy and detail is brought to life. The developers are sticking to the graphics from the original La Mulana, which they know are adored by the fans. You will definitely feel nostalgic when playing.


When you first launch the game, the music immediately brings you in the mood to play. It starts off incredibly strong and you can immediately feel the developers are proud with what they’re bringing us. Not only does the game start strong, it manages to keep this pace. They’re throwing around some in-game melodies that feel heroic, varied and fun, making sure the soundtrack fits the gameplay perfectly.


La-Mulana 2 is a 2D action-adventure platformer, also known as a Metroidvania. No mouse support is provided, you either play by using your keyboard or a controller. It may take some time getting used to all the controls, of which some even have multiple functions. But don’t worry, you’ll get there soon enough, or simply change them.

You’re thrown into the game immediately, equipped with just a whip. There is no tutorial to help you along, you’ll learn everything along the way. Elder Xelpud will aid you in this. Upon talking to him for the first time, he’ll give you a tablet through which he can send you messages. Yes, an actual tablet. This may be an Indiana Jones, old school kind of game but the developers sure mixed it with today’s technology. Elder Xelpud can watch you at all times through the camera on your tablet (creepy, right?), sending you a message when he sees something you may not understand. Along the way, more apps will take their place on your tablet, for example an app functioning as a glossary, keeping track of the monsters and people you meet in the ruins .

Now, off to the ruins. First you’ll have to get past the La-Mulana ruins, which is an easy start as there are only some easy enemies to defeat there. You’ll notice that the ruins have become an attraction by all the scaffolds. Once you get to the Eg-Lana ruins, the game really begins. Climb lots of stairs, avoid falling and get ready to jump. There will be plenty of enemies to fight, bosses to defeat and puzzles to solve along the way. The enemies range from simple bats and skeletons to weird creatures that sometimes remind you of Pokémon. You might confuse an enemy with a Pikachu upon first stumbling upon it. Now as for the bosses, they can be tricky. Battles can be very tough and quite long. Figuring out their pattern will prove to be a big help. The puzzles you’ll encounter during your journey range from super easy to devilishly difficult. No doubt you’re going to have to try to complete a part by trying again several times, remembering all traps and puzzles. This is fun but can be off putting for some players. Some challenge is nice, but when it gets to a point where the puzzles are so tough your mind gets tired, the fun might be slipping away.

Not only will your journey be incredibly hard, healing won’t come easy either. There is one healing spot: at the very beginning. There you’ll find a Hot Spring in which you can bath, restoring your health completely. After retrieving the Holy Grail you’ll luckily be able to travel to recorded locations. You can only record a location at a Holy Grail Tablet, which looks like some sort of tombstone. As for saving the game, this can also be done at this Holy Grail Tablet. They’re not found everywhere so you’ll often have to redo a big part of your journey where you put in several of hours of your precious time. A lot of patience is necessary in this game. However, if you do get a chance to save your progress, fifteen slots are available, each indicating how long you’ve played before saving.

You’re able to hold three weapons. Gather different weapons, ranging from a whip to a gun or a mace. Money also plays a role since it allows you to buy various items. Coins are obtained through defeating enemies and smashing gold-like pillars.


NIGORO has brought us a worthy sequel to the popular La-Mulana. An intriguing backstory, nostalgic pixelated graphics, soothing tunes and above all a fun and challenging gameplay make La-Mulana 2 one of the greater Metroidvania games these days. The developers maybe should’ve kept the backtracking as well as some of the hardcore puzzles to a lower level. The challenge can be a fun experience but it could scare of some of the potential players.


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La-Mulana 2 - Review, 7.4 out of 10 based on 5 ratings
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