Looking for new audio gear for the Holidays? Let Sennheiser help you find the right fit

Looking for new audio gear for the Holidays? Let Sennheiser help you find the right fit

Whether you are looking for some relaxing times for yourself or a piece of audio gear to gift to friends or family, Sennheiser is one of the market leaders when it comes to good audio. They also know it can be a bit confusing to figure out what you really want or need, which is why they made a small guide for their most popular products, especially for the season of gifting. Which of these will suit your needs?

MOMENTUM True Wireless 3

We reviewed the MOMENTUM True Wireless 3 and it’s a beastly set of earpieces. They are pleasant to wear and perfect for longer sessions, where it also includes up to 28 hours of battery so you can keep on going. It also makes use of the Sennheiser TrueResponse-transducer for perfect sound and it has great Noise Cancellation. The True Wireless 3 has an MSRP of 249,90 Euros/Dollars, though you can easily find it discounted these festive days.

MOMENTUM 4 Wireless

Don’t confuse the names: While the True Wireless 3 are earpieces, the MOMENTUM 4 Wireless are headphones. These fancy headphones can offer you up to 60 hours of battery life before you need to recharge them. The Adaptive Noise Cancellation also includes a transparency mode, meaning you can decide for yourself how much “outside noise” you want to mix with the “good noise” coming from your headphones. Like all these products the MOMENTUM 4 Wireless is produced to stay comfortable, and you can customize the touch controls with the new Smart Control app. It has an MSRP of 349,90 Euros/Dollars.

SPORT True Wireless 

Back to the earpieces with the SPORT True Wireless. This one is an adaptation of the True Wireless series to be resistant to dust, sweat, and splashes of water. It has an Adaptable Acoustics feature that allows you to go for open or closed-ear adapters, and it comes with a battery that holds up to 27 hours of sporty juice. The MSRP for the future-fit people is 129,90 Euros/Dollars.

TV Clear Set 

With a TV Clear Set you connect all your devices to the earpieces you got, where the TV obviously is the main focus point. It offers crisp vocals so you can follow exactly what’s going on, and it can connect with any TV and use BlueTooth with mobile devices to stream media. It’s easy to set up and you can connect as many sets of earpieces as you want. The MSRP for a living room where the kids are quietly watching TV is 399,90 Euros/Dollars.

IE 600

Sennheiser’s best is the IE 600, which has a 7mm TrueResponse-transducer and a ZR01 metal casing. If you know what that means, this might be perfect for you, because audio lovers recognize the absolutely brilliant sound this product brings. It should give you every detail of music while still being portable, and it goes for an MSRP of 699 Euros/Dollars.


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