Lunch A Palooza released today

Lunch A Palooza released today

Today, Seashell Studio has announced the release of its newest cuisine-themed party game, Lunch A Palooza. This gastronomic multiplayer game is now available to download on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 via their respective online stores.

Lunch A Palooza is a party game where players enter food fights literally as food where you need to push other players off the table. This game has multiple game modes available at release for many hours of pleasure in some party action with friends on your couch or online with others from around the world.

Lunch A Palooza offers a whole menu of game modes with four fun modes differing from a “Royal Buffet” game mode with unlimited lives where you need to clear the opposition within a set amount of time to a simpler game mode called “Side Dish” that offers team battles or just the “Main Course” game mode, which is a free-for-all game mode with a limit of five lives.

Below, you can see the launch trailer for Lunch A Palooza that shows some wacky party gameplay.

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