Magic 7 #2 Tegen Allen – Comic Book Review
Follow Genre: Fantasy, Action
Written by: Kid Toussaint
Illustrations: Rosa La Barbera, Giuseppe Quattrocchi
Coloring: Francesca Mengozzi, Giovanni Marcora
Publisher: Dupuis

Magic 7 #2 Tegen Allen – Comic Book Review

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Good: Introduction of the new characters
Bad: Slightly more chaotic than the first issue
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Magic 7 #1 Nooit Alleen only just passed the revue, and we are already able to present you with our opinion of the second album. When releasing the Dutch version of this series, the publisher (Dupuis in this scenario) decided to start off properly and offer two issues at once, albeit separately. The first issue already set a proper beginning of the tale this series is aiming for and we were quite stoked to sink our teeth in the second part of the plot. Our expectations were met, even though this issue had a slightly smaller ‘bang’ than the first one.

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Leo, Hamelen and Farah uncovered the thief in the previous album, which eventually ended up being a ploy from Lupe, the thief, and Alice, the clairvoyant, into luring the trio to them. While at first it seemed as if Lupe would end up being dangerous, she actually is a very sweet girl and Leo seems to like her quite a bit. Now with the companionship growing, they face a new threat, as adults are acting up all around the city, even forcing all children to come home immediately after school. It actually seems as if many of the parents aren’t themselves anymore, and the group of teens reckon there’s foul play at work. When Lupe loses control of her robots (which she can assemble with her powers) and even the military gets involved to keep the town ‘at peace’, the five teenagers bundle their powers and decide to do something about it.

Compared to the introductory album, the pace is a lot faster and a tad more chaotic. There’s a lot more action than there was at the beginning of the series, but in a way it makes sense, as the incomplete group faces its first actual hardship together. Overall Kid Toussaint keeps things interesting, albeit in a slightly different style for this album.

Illustration wise not much has changed compared to the first volume, except for the somewhat more chaotic setting, seeing the city is on lockdown. Nonetheless, the rather comical appearances of the characters still go hand in hand with the realistic touches that are all over the place. Qualitatively speaking this comic book is pretty much perfect in its own genre.


Magic 7 #2 Tegen Allen is a fun continuation of the series, where the group introduces new members to hopefully find all ‘seven chosen ones’ before it’s too late. Why they need to gather, or who these final members are will probably become clear in the following issues, and for a small part in this one. If you like action, great illustrations and a decent plot, this one is worth checking out.

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Rating: 8.3/10 (3 votes cast)
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Magic 7 #2 Tegen Allen – Comic Book Review, 8.3 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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