Magicka 2 out now on PC and PS4

Magicka 2 out now on PC and PS4

Wonderful news, fellow Wizards! It is time to raise your staffs and wands again for the long-awaited sequel to Magicka, dubbed Magicka 2 for our bearded convenience, is now downloadable for Playstation 4 and Windows PC! Bring your magical associates with you into the heart of battle in the world’s most irreverent co-op action adventure series and enjoy the game’s all-new features alongside the original’s iconic spell-casting system, humour and always-on friendly-fire. Challenge a series of new levels in the co-op campaign with up to four wizards at once or take on levels for score, prestige and game-altering artefacts. Intrigued? Then quickly don your wizarding robes and invite your friends today!

Magicka 2 comes in three different versions, allowing Mages to carefully select their desired style:

– The Base Game (PC and PS4 – $14.99 / €15.49 / £10.99)
– The Special Edition (PC and PS4 – $19.99, €19.99) which included, next to the base game, the ‘Warlord’ and ‘Cultist’ Robes, Swords and Staffs. The PS4 version also has a unique custom Theme featuring Vlad
Digital Deluxe Edition (PC only – $24.99 / €24.78 / £18.99) which includes all the above, a digital interactive map of the realm of Midgård and the orchestral original soundtrack!

Curious, are we? Then watch the official release trailer now below!

For more information on Magicka 2, be sure to visit the following link.

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